Destinology in Thailand 2011

A team of Destinology travel advisors have this month returned from an educational visit to Thailand, and unsurprisingly were full of praise for the places and hotels they visited.

The trip began as a mini bus came to collect our team and take them down to Birmingham for an Emirates flight on 10 June. Their flight went via Dubai onto Bangkok which was to be home for two nights whilst they visited hotels in Cha Am and Hua Hin. More...

June 27, 2011 10:51 by Destinology
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Dudley Makes a Break

Emperor Penguin on Peka Peka beachCuddly Dudley by Jez Alborough


Emperor Penguin with Navigation issues?
There may be umpteen theories as to why a young Antarctic Emperor penguin has mistakenly (or so we are led to believe) travelled too far north ending up stranded on one of New Zealand’s numerous beaches.
Conservationists reckon the 80cm high penguin is just 10 months old so the 2000-mile journey is quite an achievement for a ‘toddler’
Emperor Penguins spend their entire lives in Antarctica and almost never land anywhere near people in fact it is 44 years since a wild Emperor penguin was last spotted in New Zealand.More...

June 22, 2011 13:22 by Destinology
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British in the Caribbean - it's a 2-way thing

Horse Riding on Anguilla's beautiful beaches

When we look to travel overseas are we aware that we are staying in a once remote, detached part of Britain? Some items in the Athletics world news made me think about this recently; not earth shattering items but interesting nontheless.

Familiar British Overseas Territories as they have been known since 1981, include Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands which, for political reasons we would probably cite as prime examples. More...

June 21, 2011 11:43 by Destinology
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Planning a honeymoon?

During my time of working in travel I have been lucky enough to have sampled some of the very fine hotels that I write about and market. I guess you could say it’s one of the perks of the job that staff working in travel do often get good working discounts plus the chance to visit on familiarisation (FAM) trips.

Six years ago when I was starting out in with a well known larger tour operator, I was busy marking A5 sized brochure pages for amendments, rushing off to get terms and conditions checked for legal discrepancies and circling photographs that weren’t appropriate for the hotels they were promoting. More...

June 20, 2011 13:10 by Destinology
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Hong Kong Sevens

  • Hong Kong Stadium
  • Hong Kong

Despite the football season being over, the rugby season is currently in full swing and news about the 2012 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Tournament has received much interest in recent weeks.  Sponsored by Cathay Pacific and HSBC next years event is set to be one of the biggest and best yet, with rugby players and spectators from around the world getting involved. More...

June 15, 2011 14:27 by Destinology
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