Maldives Celebrates the Hay Festival

Art in the MaldivesMaldives Beach

Next month, the Maldives will become alight with cultural festivities and celebrations as the Hay Literary Festival holds the second Maldives event in as many years. The festival will celebrate the electric Maldivian culture through a series of musical, literary and artistic performances throughout the month of October.

A traditionally British affair, the Hay Festivals are renowned for encompassing the best authors and thinkers and getting people from all walks of life to celebrate this.  In the Maldives this has been taken even further as the festival brings together local and international artists, performers and writers who specialise in literature, art, music, drama, science and poetry over the 2,000 year history of the Maldive Islands. More...

September 6, 2011 16:11 by Destinology
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