A Blissful Bali Retreat

Main Entrance at Spa Village Tembok

Nestled on Bali’s exotic northeast coast, Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali boasts elegant accommodation, delicious dining and an abundance of activities, in fact everything that the discerning traveller could desire from a deluxe adult-only tranquil retreat. However, what this superb intimate resort really excels in is providing the ideal environment in which to de-stress and relax. More...

October 27, 2015 14:19 by Destinology
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GHM – A Style to Remember

General Hotel Management (GHM) have created some of the world’s most exceptional luxury hotels and resorts, from the beautiful beaches of Bali, to the infinite caramel sands of Vietnam and the lush heartland of Ubud in Indonesia

As a guest at a GHM hotel, you will relish the stylish and relaxed lifestyle in these 5 star resorts, and really cherish every moment of the truly luxury escape that they provide.More...

June 5, 2015 09:43 by Destinology
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Top 10: Adrenaline Experiences From Across The Globe

We’ve put together what we think are the top adrenaline experiences from around the world to help inspire you to try some amazing activities. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to leap off the side of a cliff to get your adrenaline fix, but how does trying a bit of sandboarding in the desert or maybe fly boarding in Bermuda sound? And for those of you that love a bit of adrenaline, we included some crazy ideas for you too.  More...

November 21, 2014 15:13 by Destinology
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The Ultimate World Tour - Introducing Tours by Destinology

The reasons we travel are as diverse as the destinations we visit. Some travel to immerse themselves in other cultures, others travel to rejuvenate and escape the stress of everyday life. At Destinology we appreciate both types of traveller and everyone in between. That is why we are delighted to introduce Tours by Destinology. Tours by Destinology offer you the best of both worlds. Introducing the intrepid seeker of culture to splendid  luxury resorts, and people with a penchant for pampering to cultural experiences that will change their life forever, Tours by Destinology provide you with the ultimate holiday experience.

In celebration of this exciting offering we have put together Destinology’s Ultimate World Tour. The Ultimate World Tour highlights how touring can bring some of our most popular luxury destinations to life, ensuring you return home both mentally and physically enriched.More...

November 11, 2014 10:12 by Destinology
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The One Million Pound Holiday

You may have seen Destinology in the news recently. We are proud to have just launched our spectacular One Million Pound holiday consisting of an 84-night trip taking you to some of the most luxurious and spectacular locations on Earth. This trip of a lifetime costs on average £11,900 per-night and includes:

Overnight stays in 12 countries on five continents

41,000 miles of transport

Five first class flights

Three private jets

Four private islands


October 17, 2014 10:58 by Destinology
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