Destinology goes Walking with Lions

One of Destinology’s Directors recently took some of our sales staff to Mauritius on an educational visit and discovered an amazing experience that can only be done in three places in the world.

The team experienced the thrill of walking with lions with many of them closely interacting with them, stroking them and having pictures taken. They then had the privilege of meeting Bengal and white tigers plus a very playful Cheetah.

Whilst being apprehensive about the conditions these magnificent creatures are kept in the group were pleasantly surprised to find them in very good health and obviously enjoying life as only wild cats can do. The cats they met were around 13 months old but almost fully grown and the rangers who escorted our team had a genuine affection for them as the cats did for the rangers.

The group were informed that they are currently finishing a large reserve that the cats will be released into once they are fully mature and this area will serve as a game reserve with jeep safaris for the rest of their lives.  There is a photographer who will escort you and will take photos plus a DVD so you don’t need to miss anything whilst trying to take your own photos although you are allowed to do so of course.

Our Director reported back "It was hard to quantify the feeling of being able to be so close to these creatures... they seemingly took humans having a walk with them as a normal every day thing" 

Ryan the ranger was very informative and explained everything about the ethos surrounding the set up of Casella Nature Park. The park also has a petting farm and other activities such as quad and mountain biking, rock climbing, photo safaris with Deer, zip lining and much more.

The cost is reasonable as well for such a once in a life time opportunity with prices starting at around £50 per person for a 45 min walk. At the time we visited there was a gentleman who was so enamoured by this that he went every day such is the pull of this attraction.

We highly recommend this for those who want to get close to these amazing animals. Like with everywhere in Mauritius no matter where you are staying, the park is accessible, but it is especially close to Anahita the Resort,Long Beach Mauritius and Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa.

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May 26, 2011 11:08 by Destinology
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