Design & location - Enjoying some of the best sites in Mauritius and Seychelles each hotel prides itself on its own spectacular site: prime beachfront locations on the island where powdery beaches edge onto the glistening sea. In Seychelles, the hotel occupies a private island in the heart of a protected marine park. Interior decoration comfort comes first on the list in all properties and while sourcing from the latest trends in design, they keep in mind that a stay must convey a sense of tropical elegance, reflected in comfortable and inviting furnishings and luxurious fittings.[more]

Hospitality and dining - Gourmet dining has become the signature of Beachcomber Hotels. Some hotels, like Royal Palm or Sainte Anne Resort & Spa feature some of the best restaurants in the Indian Ocean region.

Relaxation, sports and activities - Beachcomber resorts were the first to implement free water and land sports in Mauritius, treating guests to a varied choice of activities on land and the stunning Indian Ocean with its prolific marine-life.

Promoting the Mauritian identity - Beachcomber Hotels strives to reinforce and promote the Mauritian identity. This is reflected in the group’s structure itself as it is 100% owned by Mauritian shareholders. Beachcomber’s commitment is also expressed via the protection and enhancement of the natural environment, care for the community and preservation and promotion of the “Mauritius” label. Beachcomber cares for the development of Mauritius and the welfare of the locals; in 1999, the group created its own foundation named “Fondation Espoir et Développement” and it also owns a facility dedicated to the training of its staff members.

Accommodation - Located a stone’s throw from the beach, all the rooms, suites and apartments have commanding views of the ocean or gardens; with a wide range of options such as romantic suites fitted with luxurious amenities, family apartments and duplexes many with two bedrooms and bathrooms, presidential suites, royal suites and villas which await those with a taste for the finest things in life.

Dining - Some restaurants have become gastronomic benchmarks and achieved a reputation as the finest in the Indian Ocean region. To provide the best for their clients, priority is given to the creativity of the chefs; the main restaurants are divided into smaller venues to provide more privacy. The speciality restaurants are intimate, giving guests the impression of dining out and most hotels have at least one beach restaurant.

Social responsibility - As a leader in corporate social responsibility, Beachcomber Hotels was the first group in Mauritius to take steps towards sustainable development with unique strategies designed to save energy and involve the community, this includes: creation of infrastructures to save and recycle water, creation of a non-governmental organization (NGO) to help the community, implementation of technologies and policies to save energy. Beachcomber Hotels was the first company in Mauritius to invest in waste water plants. Each hotel is equipped with its own facility for water purification and some have a desalination plant. To save energy and better manage costs associated with the air-conditioning of rooms, all Beachcomber hotels have installed speed variators on the cold water pumps that feed the air-conditioning systems, this mechanism helps to reduce energy costs while optimizing the comfort of rooms. Further energy-saving promotion includes the use of solar thermal energy and gradually, all Beachcomber hotels will use solar energy to heat the water.

Golf - Beachcomber golf courses have tropical charm in both their picturesque pitch and putt course or their international par 72 18-hole course; Mauritius hotels Paradis Hotel and Golf Club provides a course within its grounds as well as other international courses nearby whilst Shandrani Resort and Spa features a 768m course in its tropical garden which is free to play on the Serenity Plus programme.

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