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Star Clippers

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'Star Clippers offer unique and truly intimate sailing adventures - as if on your own private yacht. Each vessel has its own personality that you'll get to know as you climb the masts, sit in the crow's nest, hoist the sails or simply relax on deck. This is about as far from busy and disruptive as a cruise may get and the high standards of the attentive crew help keep things this way in all they do.'


Ship Design

Star Clippers operate a fleet of traditional tall sailing ships, designed in line with those of the past, such as the legendary 1902 German Preussen. The interiors perfectly capture the elegance and opulence of a bygone era while fusing them with modern comforts. The masts can be climbed, the sails hoisted and the ropes tied while the atrium impresses with its rich extravagant design.


Personal Service

Personal service is everything on a Star Clippers cruise where attentive staff pride themselves on their high levels of care and dedication. From the crew member who keeps you safe as you bravely ascend the ship mast to the one who quietly serves you at the dining table, they all leave you feeling like the only person aboard.


Leisure Activities

Leisure activities aboard a Star Clippers ship are a fusion of the unique, traditional, fun and modern. From chess in an Edwardian library to water sports and snorkelling, exciting shore excursions with local ports of call entertainment to folkloric shows, there's something for everyone and so much more! 

Service Whats included

What's Included

  • All meals
  • Select activities
Service Optional Extras

Optional Extras

  • Drinks
  • Most activities & water sports
  • Excursions


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