Caribbean Cruises

The Caribbean islands are some of the most famous islands in the world, with their image as having some of the most beautiful beaches and clearest waters around making them very popular for holidays. Possibly the best way to see this gorgeous part of the world is by cruise ship, and cruise holidays to the Caribbean offer so much more than just sunbathing on beaches on the islands of Jamaica, Barbados, Saint Lucia or the Bahamas.

Visitors to the Caribbean during cruise holidays will be scrambling to get off the cruise ship for shore excursions! Enjoy the true Caribbean lifestyle at lively markets, restaurants, bars and vibrant live music venues. Explore the islands natural beauty by visiting Saint Lucia's tropical rainforest, Martinique's botanical gardens or any of the fantastic snorkelling and scuba diving spots scattered across the islands. However, if you must sunbathe whilst on Caribbean cruises, head to Antigua and see how many of its 365 beaches you can enjoy before it's time to leave!

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