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Pacific Cruises

If the golden bridges of San Francisco and the glamour of Los Angeles set your pulse racing, then a cruise along the Pacific Coast may be just the ticket for you. This outdoor adventure in the sparkling West will introduce you to picturesque gardens, wild beauty, awe-inspiring cityscapes and a heady mix of man and Mother Natural-inspired feats. But journey a little further south, and you’ll find dreamy Hawaii and Polynesia, with scenes reminiscent of a movie and a beauty that even Elvis was struck by so long ago.

Enjoy the realms of top class luxury around a destination that crosses the international dateline, explores unique landscapes and creatures, and offers culturally remarkable islands, seemingly born solely for us to cruise around! Opulent liners like Celebrity Cruises and Holland America have both been known to offer wonderful introductions, or repeat visits, to these mesmerising destinations, so take a look at their fantastic itineraries for a taste of this sun-drenched section of the globe.

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