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Polar Regions Cruises

If you’re seeking a cruise that is more reliant on the fascination of natural history and anthropology than south-facing sun loungers, then a cruise to the Polar Regions promises to inspire and amaze. Journeys to these remote regions will weave through sheer cliffs, glistening glaciers and spectacular fjords, and take you to captivating destinations like the Inuit capital Iqaliui on Baffin Island.

Known as the wilder parts of the Americas, the gloriously powerful Antarctica will (weather permitting) speak for itself in spell-binding whispers, while Iceland is sure to dazzle when the Northern Lights illuminate the sky. Your vessel will most likely be smaller, intimate and unlike a traditional liner in many ways; sometimes doubling as scientific research ships offering discovery and tailor-made luxury. We suggest you take a look at Silversea’s varied fleet of small ships for inspiration that is perfect for the avid Arctic explorer.

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