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Transatlantic Cruises

Experience the nostalgia of a transatlantic cruise holiday by travelling the way everyone had to travel to the USA at the turn of the century. You’ll experience the magic of a cruise as you arrive into New York, seeing the iconic Statue of Liberty along the way. When you arrive, you can discover all of the fantastic sights, shops, restaurants, bars and many other attractions that New York has to offer, for a truly unique experience during a transatlantic cruise holiday.

For those looking for beach holidays, relaxing holidays or family holidays rather than city breaks, there are a wide range of transatlantic cruises to the Caribbean, usually stopping at the Canary Islands on the way. During these alternative transatlantic cruise holidays you can enjoy soaking up the sunshine on gorgeous white beaches, having a go at water sports, snorkelling or scuba diving in coral reefs, or just enjoy the fun, laid back atmosphere on the Caribbean Islands.

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