Luxury Macau Holidays

Travel to the Vegas of the east, where mega-casinos and skyscrapers tower above traditional temples and idyllic beaches.

Guide to Luxury Holidays in Macau

As one of the wealthiest regions in the world, Macau's glitz and glamour rivals Las Vegas’. Here, you’ll find glittering casinos, endless shopping malls and large entertainment districts. Cultures fuse together and futuristic skyscrapers meet Ancient Chinese temples and historic colonial architecture. Luxury Macau holidays offers opulence with indoor pools and indulgent spas.

Located in East Asia near Hong Kong, Macau is one of those rare gems that offers something for everyone. Spend one day wandering the spectacular skyline of the ultra-modern high-rise buildings in Cotai district and then walk through Macau’s historical centre for an entirely different experience.

The Old Town is where East meets West as traditional Chinese monasteries sit alongside ancient Portuguese architecture. With its cobblestone streets and pastel-coloured houses, it's a stunning part of the city You'll find lots of museums and art galleries here too.

Head to Taipa, just north of Cotai, and explore Macau’s traditional side with preserved Macanese architecture. Discover ornate, incense-soaked temples and vibrant shopping avenues with colourful neon signs. Sizzling street food vendors jostle with authentic Portuguese restaurants while nearby gardens and parks provide a tranquil retreat from the city.

To the south of the sparkling lights of Cotai, Coloane features colonial villages and pretty beaches. This is a rural area with a relaxed atmosphere, where narrow lanes twist between brightly coloured houses leading to a golden coastline. You can relax on two of Macau's most beautiful beaches here, Cheoc Van Beach tucked below green hills or the long crescent-shape of Hac Sa Beach.

Macau has a subtropical climate. In the autumn, from September to December, temperatures linger around 25 degrees Celsius with low humidity. This is one of the most popular times for luxury travellers to visit Macau. The winter, from January to February, brings mild weather with bright skies and average temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius.

Spring and summer bring the warmer weather with highs of 30 degrees Celsius. During these seasons, rainfall is more common but quickly turn into clear blue skies and Macau offers plenty of indoor activities.

As with any holiday, it's a good idea to carry some identification with you at all times. British citizens can stay in Macau for up to six months without a visa. Visit GOV.UK for more advice on passports, visas and travel.

On a luxury holiday to Macau, you'll have the opportunity to try exquisite traditional Chinese dishes. You can also sample the best of Thai cooking and unique fusion foods that incorporate influences from across the globe.

Sample tender grilled meat and fresh seafood like local oysters. Gourmet barbecues at private poolside cabanas are a great way to relax on warmer days. In the evening, kick back with a full cocktail menu and Portuguese wine.

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