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Kykkos Monastery
Standing on a mountain peak in the Marathasa Valley, the renowned Kykkos Monastery is one of the wealthiest in Cyprus. The building is ornately decorated with impressive mosaics and artworks. Inside, there is a spectacular shrine and a museum housing rare artefacts, manuscripts and Cypriot antiquities. You'll also find one of the three surviving icons painted by the Apostle Luke.
Winery Tour
Cyprus has a long history in producing wine dating right back to the ancient Greeks. With a wine tour, you'll get to learn about that history and sample the award-winning wines made today. Discover the origins of the sweet Commandaria wine, have a taste, cleanse the palate and try some fruity reds and refreshing whites.
The Tombs of the Kings
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this ancient necropolis is believed to have been a burial site for the aristocracy. Consisting of a series of underground tombs cut into the rock, with some dating as far back as the 300 BC, this archaeological site gives you a glimpse into the distant past.
Paphos Castle
Located on the edge of Paphos harbour, this iconic fortress rises out the water. Originally built by the Byzantines and later restored by the Ottomans, the castle has been used for many different purposes, from a prison to a salt warehouse. Today, it makes for an ideal day out.
Helicopter Tour
Enjoy a flight over Cyprus in a helicopter and capture the photographic beaches from above. Soar across the land and waltz below the clouds. If you thought the beaches were beautiful from land, from the air you'll get to see the multicoloured waters from a unique perspective and truly enjoy majesty of the sea.