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Often overlooked as a holiday destination, which is baffling, Germany contains some of the most scenic landscapes, intriguing historical sites and excellent transport infrastructure in the world, with warm, welcoming people, whose English could rival our own. Open your mind to a holiday here and you’ll be unwrapping a delicious box of high quality chocolates for the very first time! Fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein, parks, gardens, the Black Forest, monuments like the Berlin’s Brandenberg Gate and Hamburg’s historic port all beckon you. The Rhine Valley, Europe’s most important waterway, is home to more than 40 castles and 60 exquisite medieval towns. Germany has a history of lively and characterful Christmas markets in cities such as Frankfurt and Nuremberg. Cologne, with its rich 2000 year old cultural heritage has a world-famous gothic cathedral and umpteen other architectural wonders. Say guten tag to Germany by getting in touch today.

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