Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park
Just off the coast of Sabah Borneo, this region of profound beauty encompasses five idyllic islands, Gaya Sapi, Manukan, Pulau Mamutik and Sulug. Each island has a unique character and divine coastline of renowned beaches. The sea shimmers with electric blue, emerald and turquoise waters that hide colourful coral reefs and tropical fish.
Malaysian Jungle Trek
You'll find there's plenty of opportunities throughout Malaysia to trek through the rainforests. Journey deep into the abundant greenery of palms and lookout for tropical birds, monkeys and other exotic wildlife. Spotting beautiful animals like orangutans in their natural habitat is a magical experience. There are many National Parks to choose from like Gunung Mulu or Taman Negara National Park.
Petronas Towers
At over 1,400 feet tall, the two identical buildings of Petronas Towers are amongst the tallest skyscrapers in the world. A journey to the top provides unforgettable views of the city. If you dare, you can venture on to the sky bridge that connects the two skyscrapers. Afterwards, enjoy the high-end stores, art gallery, or aquarium in Suria KLCC.
Langkawi Sky Bridge
One of the longest free span and curved bridges in the world, Langkawi Sky Bridge is 125 metres long and hangs roughly 100 metres above the ground. Located in the Machinchang mountains, it features breathtaking panoramic views and glass panels so you can see the drop below. The only way to reach the bridge is via a cable car ride.
Batu Caves
One of Kuala Lumpur's most popular attractions, Batu Caves features a Hindu shrine and is built into a steep limestone hill. There are three main caves and several smaller ones each decorated with statues and paintings. Little monkeys roam the area, and a 140-foot statue of a Hindu deity stands guard to the entrance.

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