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The multicultural heritage of Corfu resounds loud and clear with influences from the Venetians, British and French. They oversaw the first Greek university, the first Philharmonic Orchestra and the first School of Fine Arts. There is more to Corfu than most visitors ever discover and, trust us, it has many hidden gems. We’ve discovered some diamond accommodation in the form of high class hotels and stunning private villas. Our return visitors rave about the Old Town of Corfu, with its museums, 15th century fortress, Spianda Square's St Michael and George Palace and numerous churches. The climate is perfectly Mediterranean and there are the prettiest villages to explore, especially on the west coast. North of Corfu Town you'll arrive at the slopes of Mount Pantokrator, beyond which lie several traditional fishing villages and quiet beaches. Nero holidayed here and there is also a Rothschild Estate – hardly surprising.

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