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Guide to Luxury Holidays in India and Sub Continent

The Indian subcontinent is a treasure trove of unique jewels. In the north, the opal Himalayas glitter above ruby red monasteries and emerald jungles, while the south offers gold and pearlescent beaches lapped by turquoise waters. It's a region with rich cultural traditions, ancient cities and exotic animals. A luxury Indian subcontinent holiday lets you unlock the region's very best.

You'll find a feast for the senses wherever you travel to in the Indian subcontinent. In India, incense-infused shrines and exotic spice bazaars meet iconic landmarks like the Taj Mahal. Vast nature parks and wildlife sanctuaries provide unforgettable animal encounters with wild elephants, monkeys and tigers.

On the southwest coast, Goa beckons with pristine beaches that stretch as far as the eyes can see. Head north to Nepal and discover eight of the ten world's tallest mountains including Mount Everest. You can meet local wildlife at nature reserves or hike breathtaking mountain trails for some of the best panoramic views in the world.

Immerse yourself in Nepal’s diverse culture by visiting ancient cities and multi-tiered pagodas. Visit the golden spire of Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu to discover its massive mandala and spin the prayer wheels at one of the largest stupas in the world.

To the east of Nepal, you’ll find Bhutan the last Shangri-La. This Buddhist kingdom is on the eastern edge of the Himalayan mountain range. Discover a timeless country steeped in traditions. Crimson-robed Buddhist monks stroll dramatic cliff-perched monasteries and historical dzong fortresses. Explore a varied landscape where mountain peaks give way to fertile grasslands and jungles rich with wildlife. Walk through traditional villages and join Bhutanese religious festivals complete with masked dances, songs and music.

The best time to visit the Indian subcontinent depends on where you want to go. As a large land mass, each country and region has different weather and temperatures.

Typically, there’s plenty of sunshine throughout the year with summer temperatures reaching above 40 degrees Celsius. Rain showers are also frequent during the summer. Rain tends to fall in short, sudden downpours that then clear to blue skies and more sunshine. We recommend researching individual countries for more specific info.

As with any holiday, it's a good idea to carry some identification with you at all times. British nationals will need to get a visa before travelling the Indian subcontinent. Visit GOV.UK. for more advice on passports, visas and travel.

Start your day at your luxury hotel with a breakfast of fresh pastries. In the evening, enjoy a menu that features Chinese, Mediterranean and international cuisine. Expect lots of authentic Indian curries and traditional specialities from Nepal and Bhutan.

The Indian subcontinent is known for its spicy aromas and succulent dishes prepared in giant tandoors. Dine outside as the evening sun starts to set and await a starlit night sky. Relax in the evening with an extensive list of premium spirits, signature cocktails and domestic wines.

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