Island Hopping
With the close network of islands at the Seychelles, why spend your time at just one? Take to the waters by boat and test out the neighbouring beaches, interior wildernesses, local dishes, and diving grounds of a variety of islands, and get to know the individual style of each.
Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve
Lined with wonderful walking routes, towering palms and waterfalls to bathe under, this nature park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Found on the island of Praslin, this park allows you to spy rare birds, like the Seychelles black parrot, and admire the appetizing fruits of the Coco de Mer palms.
The capital of Seychelles, Victoria is situated on the north-eastern side of Mahe. If you're visiting, make time to see the Victoria Botanical Gardens. Walk palm-fringed avenues, marvel over exotic species of pigeon or head to the lair of the giant land tortoise. These slow-moving creatures can live up to over 100 and some of the island's oldest inhabitants!
Plunge into the underwater world of the Seychelles to spot tropical fish, manta rays, turtles and, if you're lucky, hammerhead sharks. Home to Aldabra, one of the world's largest coral atolls in the world, the clear, warm waters of the Seychelles were made for scuba-diving and the abundance of marine life under the tranquil waves is a real spectacle.
Try your hand at deep sea fishing and see what you can catch. With plenty of big game fish in the seas, you might land a giant tuna or get to wrestle with a barracuda. If you bait an enormous marlin, you'll probably want a hand pulling it in. Fishing in Seychelles is an adventure in itself.

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