Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Wildlife Safari
Take a guided 4x4 tour into the vibrant grasslands of one of the many nature parks and nature reserves in Sri Lanka. Enjoy a safari trip and watch exotic animals in their natural habitat. Keep your eyes peeled and your cameras ready to spot elephants, leopards, monkeys, sloth bears, tropical birds and lots more.
Sri Lanka
Adam's Peak
Standing over 7,000 feet tall, Adam's Peak is a sublime conical mountain steeped in legend and one of the most iconic natural landmarks in Sri Lanka. It's supposedly the first place Adam set foot after falling from Heaven. A 6-hour round trek brings you spectacular views of the Sri Lankan countryside and to a remarkable temple perched on the mountaintop.
Sri Lanka
Madu Ganga River Safari
Go on a journey down river and deep into the heart of the Madu Ganga. Travel through marshes and dense mangroves where trees tangle and knot together to create the perfect canopy for monkeys and birds. The area is home to over 300 different species of exotic animals and plants, as well as to traditional villages.
Sri Lanka
Mulkirigala Rock Temple
This ancient Buddhist temple was built on a massive rock over 600 feet tall and according to ancient scriptures it was constructed in the third century. Climb the many steps to the monastery and be rewarded with panoramic views of the island-nation on the way. Inside, you'll find caves housing Buddha statues and colourful religious wall paintings.
Sri Lanka
The Ancient City of Sigiriya
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sigiriya is a near-vertical rocky outcrop that rises above the lush forested plains of Sri Lanka. It's a dramatic sight, which is all the more stunning for the ruins of an ancient civilisation that settled on the flat top of the rock. Enjoy tremendous rock carvings, remarkable murals and breathtaking views across the land.

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