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Easy to find, as the heel of the boot of Italy, this southern region borders both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. It is temptingly close to Greece, especially Corfu, and the style of whitewashed houses certainly has a Greek feel. The area is agriculture and wine-grove rich, taking full advantage of the climate and terrain. You will find the cuisine honest and unpretentious with plenty of Puglia-specific pasta shapes, such as orecchiette or little ears. The Adriatic coastal city of Bari offers free guided tours on Saturday evenings, taking in the Swabian Castle and Palazzo Simi plus many more. Autumn in the city brings to life Medimex, the biggest music expo in Italy. Christmas is a special time for this Christian country, celebrated with living open-air nativity scenes across towns and villages. Be sure to look out for out of season event, as they make this area a great option for early and late breaks.

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