Jabal Akhdar
Jabal Akhdar (Green Mountain) is home to the vast Saiq Plateau, located 2,000 metres above sea level. A maze of channels and dramatic terrace views combine with the cool mountain air and regular rainfall to create a botanical paradise, bearing luscious fruit including pomegranates and apricots. Explore the gardens and orchards that are the pride of the region.
Royal Opera House Muscat
Marvel at an architectural treasure with the stunning Royal Opera House of Muscat. Home to many of the largest cultural events from across Oman, a personal visit will reveal the scale and beautiful detail of this place. With a strict formal dress code for shows, this attraction sparkles with an atmosphere of luxury.
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
With a capacity of 20,000, the sheer size of the Sultan Quaboos Grand Mosque exceeds many cities in Oman! The chandelier alone covers 46,000 square feet, with a diameter of 26 feet, and it is entirely crafted from Swarovski crystals. Here you'll also find the world's second-largest handmade Persian rug, delicately woven by 600 women over four years.
1000 Nights Camp
Experience (a luxury spin on) life in the desert with a stay in the 1000 Nights Camp. You'll be situated right in the centre of the Wahiba Sands, walking amongst idyllic Cineraria trees and long golden sand dunes throughout the day, then going on to dine in plush surroundings as the sun sets on the desert.
Wadi Ash Shab
Located near Muscat in the Al Sharqiyah Omani region, Wadi Shab attracts visitors with its enchanting natural beauty. Brimming with freshwater pools, the showstopper of the wadi is the waterfall hidden in a cave. Access this by an estimated 40-minute hike, including a swim across a few pools. Dive into the pools from the cliffs if you dare!

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