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Guide to Luxury Holidays in Amsterdam

Discover a land of tulips, where beauty fuses with architectural designs. Here, it’s common to find historical buildings used for modern purposes, which adds a unique feel to Amsterdam’s atmosphere. Explore pretty vintage stores and get inspired by local’s creativity. Take a break from the norm and escape on a luxury holiday to Amsterdam.

Sitting over numerous canals, Amsterdam is full of exciting features. Follow the twisting lanes to discover local treasures like hidden gardens and narrow houses. Amsterdam is renowned for its creativity and includes many artistic masterpieces. Visit the Van Gogh Museum or admire Dutch artistic talent at the celebrated Rijksmuseum.

One area worth exploring is Amsterdam's most charming neighbourhood, the Jordaan. With its elegant buildings and tiny streets, this area is considered one of Amsterdam's prettiest quarters. There’s no shortage of attractions as this area is home to Prinsengracht canal and 9 little streets with its vintage boutiques and cosy cafes.

A great way to make your way between attractions is via bicycle. Bikes are a common form of transport so much so that Amsterdam has more bikes than people. With plenty of bike-rental shops available, you can comfortably explore the city on your wheels or venture into the countryside to see iconic Dutch windmills.

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Amsterdam is a fantastic luxury holiday destination at any time of year. Summer is a popular to visit as you can admire the vibrant colours of the city’s tulips. Temperatures can reach 22 degrees Celsius and there’s usually plenty of sunshine.

On the other hand, winter is the perfect time to see Amsterdam layered in a blanket of snow. When the canals freeze, you can join the locals as they move through the city on ice skates. In December, festive Christmas markets light up the city

As a precaution, you may want to travel with a photocopy of your passport along with the original. British nationals don’t need a visa to visit Amsterdam. Find more advice at GOV.UK with information on passports, visas and travel.

Amsterdam has plenty of options for exquisite fine-dining and historic buildings house some of the city’s best restaurants. You'll find international influences ranging from Italian inspired menus to Indonesian restaurants, a remaining trace of Dutch colonisation.

Try Dutch specialities like pannenkoeken, sweet or savoury pancakes, or warm apple pie also known as appeltaart. Amsterdam has a strong cafe culture and independent coffee shops are nearly everywhere. The Netherlands also produce excellent beers and liquors. Well-known beer brands include Amstel and Heineken while Dutch alcohols include Triple Sec and apricot brandy.

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