Caldas de Monchique's Hot Springs
Located in a breathtaking countryside decorated with orange groves, Caldas de Monchique has everything you need to relax and more! The Hot Springs here are said to give health benefits for people with respiratory problems. You should also take some time to visit the local monuments for a taste of history, preserved by the natural surroundings.
Natural Park of Ria Formosa
Enjoy a charming blend of nature and culture at the Natural Park of Ria Formosa in Faro. Here, you'll find warm seas, sprawling beaches, fascinating museums and architecture, and a wide variety of birdlife. Take a ride in a boat taxi to the secluded islands of the Ria, where you'll be treated to stunning views of the natural landscape.
Costa Vicentina
Costa Vicentina is a relaxing escape and an environmentally-protected coast. You'll soon see why when you visit this haven for yourself. It's a hotspot for nature lovers due to the local wildlife, lush landscape and tranquil atmosphere. Hotels and other buildings are forbidden here, creating an unspoiled coastline with a calming atmosphere that will help you wind down.
Head out on a family day trip to the celebrated Zoomarine attraction! Located in Guia, this place is more than just a water park. You'll find a marine experience like no other, bursting with interactive activities for all ages! See thrilling aquatic shows including dolphins, seals and sea lions. Get in the water with them for an unforgettable opportunity.
Silves - The Medieval City
This town is a must-see location! As the capital of Al-Gharb during the time of the Moorish reign, Silves has distinct architecture with features typical of its era. Visit the famous Silves Castle and get involved with the Medieval Festival that runs each year, drawing thousands of people. There's plenty to see and do here.

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