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Dublin is the capital city of Ireland. Part of the Leinster province on the east coast, it sits at the opening of Liffey River. The Liffey divides the north side and south side of the city and each of these is divided by two smaller rivers – the Tolka and the Dodder. The city is bordered to the south by a mountain range and by flat farmland to the north and west.  Originally a Viking settlement, it transitioned to Ireland’s main city after the invasion of the Normans. Its growth accelerated from the 17th century and it had a moment as the second biggest city in Britain’s empire before the 1800 Act of Union. After Ireland was partitioned in 1922, Dublin became the Irish Free State’s (later the Republic of Ireland) capital. Dublin Bay has been populated by humans since prehistoric times but quite possibly the earliest settlers can be traced back to around 140 AD. Dublin means “black pool” in Irish.

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