Bora Bora
Polynesian Spas
A trip to paradise wouldn’t be complete without indulging in spa treatments. After a morning of swimming in the sea or hiking Mt Otemanu, spend the afternoon at one of the beautiful Polynesian spas. Bora Bora’s Polynesian spa treatments often include tropical fragrances and traditional healing oils. Relax with a deep tissue massage or with a soak in the jacuzzi.
Bora Bora
Matrina Beach
At the Southern tip of Bora Bora, you’ll find Matrina Beach. With its white sand and lush hills, it's easy to see why Matrina Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. Spend the day lounging in the shade of the palm trees, or pop on a snorkel and dive into the azure waters.
Bora Bora
Vaitape is the island’s main town, and as such it's home to some fantastic restaurants and boutiques. You can spend hours browsing the cute shops and picking up a few souvenirs from your trip, like beautiful black pearl jewellery. With your shopping addiction satisfied, check out some of the quaint local cafes or bars for an afternoon cocktail.
Bora Bora
Mount Otemanu
Mount Otemanu is one of the two extinct volcanoes on Bora Bora. This soaring peak has always played an important role in local culture, and has been the burial site for ancient Polynesian kings. Making the trek to the top will provide you with remarkable views, and help you to better understand the cultural influence of this epic mountain.
Bora Bora
Coral Gardens
Not far from Bora Bora’s coast, you’ll find a gorgeous coral reef teeming with underwater life. Since the reef is close to the surface, you don’t need to dive deep to meet Coral Garden’s local residents. Explore this vibrant world bursting with beautiful colours and marine life. If you’re lucky, you can even see Manta rays or turtles.

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