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Reflect in Buddhist temples, experience local life in the Old Quarter, and enjoy the hidden treats of this capital.

Guide to Luxury Holidays in Hanoi

As Vietnam's capital, Hanoi has a layered history involving both French and Chinese occupation. This has affected the architecture, from the sloping rooves of Buddhist temples, to the painted white facades of colonial government buildings. However, this city is over 1000 years old, and ancient Vietnamese culture has always remained strong. Spend some time in the traditional temples, ancient citadels, the exclusive theatre, and the contemporary neighbourhoods that are spearheading the modern face of Vietnam. Visit the area known as the Old Quarter, here you'll find well-preserved Buddhist temples and farmers offering their produce, while locals enjoy breakfast noodles, practice tai chi, and play chess with elders of the community. A trip to the French Quarter will reveal impressive villas and mansions, along with the striking Hanoi Opera House, where you can still catch a show if the mood strikes. Explore the storied attractions of the city as well, like the beautiful Hoan Kiem Lake, the serene Temple of Literature, and the fascinating mausoleum where the revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh is buried. Alongside celebrated street food stalls and pretty pagodas, this destination is also home to trendy cafes, art galleries and gourmet restaurants, leaving you with plenty to explore within the city limits. Whilst outside of the city, the gorgeous landscape of Halong Bay awaits you.

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Hanoi is almost always fairly warm, and never really dips below 15°C. April and May are ideal for visiting Hanoi, as these months hover between 20-30°C. June to August brings the warmest days, but its easy to cool off in a pool. . September and October see the days fall to averages of 22-29°C, but the months between December to February mark when the weather is at its coolest in Hanoi, where you can expect the days to fall within the 15-22°C range.
British nationals do not need a visa to visit Vietnam when staying for a maximum of 15 days. As a precaution, you may want to travel with a photocopy of your passport along with the original. Find more advice at GOV.UK with information on passports, visas and travel.
Opt for a la carte dining, with both local and international flavours including French, Mediterranean, Italian, Asian, Cantonese and Western cuisine. Sit down to the finest dishes prepared in glass-fronted kitchens and served in a modern dining room, with stunning views across the city. Your fine-dining experience wouldn't be complete without an accompaniment of premium wine. With a history involving a period of French occupation, you can enjoy excellent wines, fine cheese, and the unique creation of French-influenced Vietnamese cuisine.
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