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Luxury Mekong Delta and Southern Beaches Holidays

Visit an emerald paradise, rich with fascinating wildlife, gorgeous villages, and a maze of mighty rivers.

Guide to Luxury Holidays in Mekong Delta and Southern Beaches

Step into a land of natural wonder, from vast wetlands, to pretty orchards, and emerald paddy fields. The Mekong Delta stretches from Ho Chi Minh City to the Gulf of Thailand, and is known as Vietnam's rice bowl. Rice, as you'd expect, is the main crop, but the land also cultivates coconut palms, sugar-cane groves and fruit orchards. Incredibly, this region provides around a third of the entire country's annual food crop from only ten percent of its overall land mass. Locals know the Mekong Delta as Cuu Long, or "Nine Dragons", due to the nine tributaries of the river, and there are 12 main towns within this area of the country. The delta's biggest community is based in Can Tho, and is popular with travellers for its excellent restaurants and floating markets - the biggest and most famous market is based nearby, in Cai Rang. There's also fascinating smaller communities, like the famous Tan Lap Floating Village, which literally sits on the water. Visit Vinh Long and My Tho for boat trips, and a chance to view the picturesque Tien Giang tributary. Ben Tre is home to the lush fruit orchards, whilst Cao Lanh is an ideal escape for bird lovers, and Sa Dec is a place of beauty with flower nurseries and stunning river views.

The temperature in the Mekong Delta hovers between 25-28°C throughout the year However, the best months to visit the Mekong Delta are between October and March, during this period the water levels are ideal for boat markets and sailing tours. The Khmer stronghold of Soc Trang is made all the more special if you visit during the vibrant Oc Om Bok festival (Nov or Dec). This includes a showcase of local longboat races, dance performances and games.
British nationals won't need a visa to visit Vietnam when staying for a maximum of 15 days. As a precaution, you may want to travel with a photocopy of your passport along with the original. Find more advice at GOV.UK with information on passports, visas and travel.
A visit to the Mekong Delta includes an offering of delicious menus at top hotels and restaurants across the region. Combine a traditional culinary experience with fine dining at contemporary Vietnamese restaurants, where menus feature fusion dishes inspired by local and international cuisine. From bao (steamed buns filled with pulled beef and beetroot), to squid with avocado cream, there are plenty of creative options to enjoy. Relax at a table with a view across the water, and sample the delights from the Mekong Delta.
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