Fugitives Drift Guest House

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'Packed with emotion, a historical journey of discovery'

Recounting the emotion of the 1879 Zulu War, Fugitive’s Drift pays homage to the lost lives and sacred grounds that was once a coveted homeland. This battlefields property features memorable tours from informed guides, where guests will learn more of the plight of both the Zulu warriors and the British soldiers. This picturesque land is home to a beautiful orginal homestead restored to offer guest house accommodation in the form of delightful cottages. These were created by the vision of David and Nicky Rattray, two real pioneers of heritage tourism in South Africa.

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‘Recommended to guests interested in the history of the region and eager to discover what makes the South African Battlefields such an emotional place’

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• Swimming pool within garden setting
• Harford Library featuring kitchen, wireless Internet and audio / visual systems

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• Battlefield tours to Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift ( see Special Features)
• Nearby Buffalo River offers fishing along a 20 km frontage
• Bird watching sites
• Johannesburg: 5 hrs by road
• Durban: 3 hrs by road


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