How Do You Get to the Seychelles?

Seychelles is an African island destination that is a popular alternative destination to some of the other archipelagos in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. The 115 islands offer all kinds of holiday experiences, from secluded, romantic retreats to action-packed adventures, making travelling to Seychelles on a holiday an ideal choice for all kinds of visitors.


If you’re looking for the Seychelles islands on a map, you’ll find them in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a fair distance from the coast of East Africa. This means that they’re quite a remote destination to get to, which leaves many travellers wondering the best way to travel to the Seychelles.


If you’re in the same situation, this short guide contains everything you need to know about how to get to the Seychelles.


Ways to Travel to the Seychelles

Seychelles’ remote location means that there are only really two transport options when it comes to visiting the islands.


The most popular way to get to the Seychelles is by plane. A range of airlines offer flights to the islands from places in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, predominantly landing in the Seychelles International Airport on Mahé.


Once you arrive in Mahé, local flights are available to take you to other Seychelles islands. Flying is the fastest way to get to and from the archipelago as well as around it, so most people choose to travel by air when they visit. 


The other way of getting to Seychelles is by boat, which is only possible if you take part in a cruise visiting the islands. There aren’t any passenger services directly to and from the islands, but it is possible to book onto a cruise ship that stops off in the area as part of its journey, giving passengers a chance to see some of the most popular islands such as Mahé and La Digue.


There are also local cruise operators offering tours of the Seychelles islands once you arrive in the archipelago, so it is possible to get there by plane and then travel around on a boat for the rest of your trip.



The Best Time to Travel to Seychelles

The most popular time of year to travel to Seychelles is between December and April, as this is the islands’ dry season and therefore the period with the best weather. There will be more flights available to the islands at this time of year, but plane tickets are also likely to be more expensive because it is the peak season.


If you’re planning on visiting the Seychelles on a budget, the best time to travel is in the off-season between May and November, when the weather on the islands will be wetter and fewer tourists come to visit. If you’d rather avoid the monsoon season, travelling in the shoulder season in either May or October means that travel costs will be lower but the weather will be better.



Although the Seychelles are in quite a remote location, their popularity as a holiday destination means that it is relatively straightforward to get to the islands. You will probably have to start and end your journey in Mahé because it has the best transport links, but from there the rest of the islands can be reached pretty easily, giving you plenty of options for your holiday.

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