In an age where civilisation places an importance on the latest technology, Amangani’s back-to-nature simplicity in the heartland of Wyoming is a welcome respite for travellers looking to switch off and reconnect with nature.

Peaceful Home in a Peaceful Setting

Like the centre of a flower surrounded by its colourful petals, Amangani, carved into the peak of a cliff an incredible seven thousand feet above sea level, is encircled within an expanse of jagged mountain ranges and the fertile green fields of Jackson Hole and Snake River Range. Beneath the summer glow, hikers follow dusty trails deeper into the woodlands enthralled by the local wildlife. By winter, the region is blanketed by thick carpets of snow, contributing to its title as North America’s best ski location.

East meets West

Featuring a homestead appearance set over three-storeys, Amangani’s design is an imaginative blend of American West and staple Aman-influenced East. The hotel has a particular penchant for space; ceilings are high and windows are huge – allowing natural light and stunning views into the wide-set common areas. Yet, meandering through the hotel, it’s also clear by the patches of sparsity and exposure of redwood and sandstone that a minimalistic flavour underpins the design.

Charming Suites

Keeping it simple, the suites at Amangani have an understated charm that is devoid of clutter. The moment you walk in, you’re met by views of the local scenery directly adjacent through the huge double windows. Each suite includes a fireplace and an abundance of space marked with large bathrooms and cedar-lit wood finishing. The piece de résistance, however, is the balcony or terrace. Try as you might, this is where you will inevitably end up spending the majority of your time, spotting elk near the hotel – or watching the sun set on another amazing day.

Aman Adventures

Weighed up against the glitz of Las Vegas and the intoxicating draw of New York, Aman’s decision to build their first USA property in Wyoming may seem like an odd one. Yet, here in its advantageous position in Jackson Hole, guests have the opportunity to try the best ski location in Northern-America. More than 2000 acres of the inspiring, raw beauty is inhabited by slopes between December and March. A dedicated on-mountain ski lounge is available for Aman guests and a shuttle is arranged regularly. Not much of a skier, but still want to make the best out of your stunning surroundings? By spring, elk, moose and bears emerge from hibernation, coinciding with the change of foliage and the introduction of a different palette of colours in Jackson Hole. 


It may be difficult to leave the comforting embrace of Amangani, but with Yellowstone only 2 hours away it’s certainly worth the effort. Yellowstone plays home to most of the world’s geysers, multi-coloured pools and 3 huge calderas. Keep your eyes peeled for the park’s incredible wildlife, like the bears, moose and wolves, recently re-introduced to the park for the first time in 70 years. Amangani operate their own Wolf & Bear expedition where guests can indulge in a bespoke itinerary of the park, taking in historic sites such as old faithful and Lamar Valley.


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