We’re know “a picture says a thousand words”, so by that logic, an animation says 24,000 words a second. If you’re a Simpsons super-fan, addicted to Disney, or even you’re just looking for a good excuse to travel, then you might want to add the French Alpine city of Annecy to your bucket list, especially in June.

In fact, Annecy is beautiful enough to entice us any time of year, particularly summer, but the world’s biggest animation festival gives it a very different kind of draw. Celebrating almost 60 years of bringing people from around the world together, the festival is a real eye opener, offering fascinating insights into an industry that’s enjoying exponential growth.

The festival showcases short films and full length features, and one of the highlights has to be its open-air cinema. If you don’t already find something special about animated films, just wait until you’ve seen one surrounded by a fun-loving international crowd by the side of an Alpine lake. Regular attendees of the festival often cite the magical atmosphere and ambience as their main reason for returning each year, second to their love of animation.

If you want to find out more about the festival, search for Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

The city has a very well preserved Old Town, bustling with waterside cafes, bars, restaurants and marketplaces, but its reputation as the Pearl of the Alps comes from its surroundings as much as its architecture and culture. Sitting on the northern shore of the third largest lake in France, Lake Annecy is known as Europe’s cleanest lake, and is a great place for water sports as well as being easy on the eye.

Annecy is perfect for those who like taking the road less travelled. Of course, if you go for the animation festival, you’ll be visiting at its busiest time of year, but any other time of year, the Pearl of the Alps is your oyster.  If you’re interested in exploring this little-known gem, the most direct way is to fly into Geneva then cross back over the Swiss-French border, but you might also want to consider it as part of a multi-centre break in France or Europe.

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