The Japanese people are proud of their seasons for a reason. With spring bringing the beautiful cherry blossoms and autumn equally as pronounced with its veil of reds, browns and golds, it’s not hard to see why. During autumn, parks and countryside’s are packed with revellers admiring the palette of colours.

Daisetsuzan National Park

A popular spot to see the autumnal changes in Japan, Daisetsuzan is Hokkaido’s largest national park and between mid-September and November, is blanketed in a veil of rich red, orange and gold hues.


As well as being a lush mountainous region, Daisetsuzan is home to untampered wilderness, rare plants, hot springs and animal life, like the rare Ezo red fox. You can reach the national park via shuttle bus, or by travelling by the circular hiking trail where the colours are most vivid.


A city full of culture, Kyoto is synonymous with the cherry blossom season, but autumn is just as beautiful. The autumn colours in Kyoto appear around mid-November and look particularly beautiful around the temples of Tofuku-Ji and Kiyomizu-dera.


We suggest you avoid the crowds and go early on a weekday, or alternatively find more secluded locations like the area around Shinyodo Temple. If you arrive too late to see the foliage in its prime in central Kyoto, you can travel a little further out to Kitayama Mountains, or head south to Uji or Nara. 

Hachimantai Mountains

A remote, rustic area in the northern Akita and Iwate prefectures, the Hachimantai Mountain is renowned for its beautiful landscapes. There are hot springs in the Goshogake Onsen and Tamagawa Onsen regions and the red and orange glow of the autumn leaves follow you from the bottom of the mountain right to the very peak.

Fuji Five Lakes

Within easy reach of the capital, the Autumn colours carpet the area between mid-October until November. A popular location for hiking, fishing, camping and snow spots, from Five Lakes, there are breath-taking views of Mount Fuji.


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