Each month we will be bringing you our top pick for holiday reading and books set in different countries that we love. April's book of the month is a riveting page-turner that will leave you shocked and stunned with twists and turns from the very start.

Destinology Book Club - Book of the Month

April 2018

The Honeymoon by Tina Seskis

There's Trouble in Paradise.....


This book tells the story of the main protagonist Jemma, who is on her dream honeymoon for 14 nights at a 5-star resort in the Maldives. There are luxury villas on the beach overlooking the water, her very own private butler and secluded areas where couples can relax and enjoy their romantic honeymoons. Jemma and her new husband have a gorgeous beachside villa, the food is amazing, they have just clicked with another honeymooning couple but then one night there are arguments and confusion and Jemma wakes up the next morning to discover that her new husband is nowhere to be found.

The First Twist...


The book starts with Jemma being set up on a blind date by her friend and we flash back and forth from the past to the honeymoon in the Maldives. Slowly but surely, truth's start to reveal themselves and the story twists come thick and fast, even in the first few chapters. The first story twist left me open-mouthed in disbelief. I had to read the sentence again for it to really click this was happening.

Can we Trust Jemma?


The story really grips you as we learn more about Jemma's past, her relationship leading to her marriage and then the disappearance of her husband on the island's resort. As suspicions rise about what happened to him, by whom and why, the story reaches a crescendo of emotions. We, the reader, continue our mistrust of Jemma and her unreliable narration and begin to wonder just who is responsible for the disappearance of her husband and more importantly- why?

Shocking Answers!


The answers to those questions will leave you breathless and in shock. Tina Seskis continually misleads, grips, twists and ultimately shocks her readers with the big reveal but also very gently deals with all the other parts of the story which need to be dealt with and tied up.

Fancy Visiting the Maldives?


If reading The Honeymoon by Tina Seskis makes you want to book a holiday in the Maldives you will find a great selection, especially for a honeymoon!


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