Constance Hotels and Resorts – synonymous with exotic destinations and exquisite cuisine. Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius and Madagascar are all home to unique resort properties that give you luxury accommodation and a feast for the senses – taste in particular.

Holiday of flavour

The stunning architecture and beautiful location of a Constance Resort is clear to see, the pools, the sports, the spacious rooms – all evident and calculable. As you accept the fact that there will be grains of sand on the beach and salt in the ocean, so too, can you be assured of divine dining and superb wines; the fun of food is taken seriously by Constance, so that you can take it for granted!

Compete and Inspire!

Pushing the gastro-boundaries at Constance is par for each and every ‘course’. And what better way to broaden culinary horizons than with a little competition. The annual Festival Culinaire Bernard Loiseau is now in its 11th year and is held at the prestigious Constance Belle Mare Plage in Mauritius. This illustrious event invites international teams of chefs to compete alongside Constance Hotels and Resorts chefs over a period of nine days in March. 

Great team event

The international chefs may represent one or even two Michelin starred restaurants from across Europe, and they come to the beautiful island of Mauritius to get creative with locally produced ingredients and of course freshly caught fish. Any chef worth his salt (sorry), is on a constant mission to discover new flavours and learn different ways of using familiar ones, which is why you’ll find all the chefs working together, bouncing ideas and exploring the vibrant food markets together. The aim is to present diners with a delectable display of fine, uber-flavoursome food. 


To demonstrate the fiercely high standards our own celebrity chef Michael Caines of Gildeigh Park Restaurant in the UK along with his team from Constance Seychelles were beaten into third spot last year by the mastery of Chef William Frachot of L’Hostellerie du Chapeau Rouge. In honour of the festivals association with Champagne Deutz the chefs prepared a canapé complete with Amour de Deutz Rosé Champagne 2006 – won again by William Frachot


Service on display

No matter how wonderful your meal tastes, the whole experience needs to be perfect for your occasion to be a success; ‘Service and Art of the Table’ is a demanding test of precision for Constance waiters and chefs-de-rang. So too, the challenging role of Sommelier which takes years to perfect, last year De Lores Malin from Constance Belle Mare Plage won this section of the trial on home ground after demonstrating her impeccable knowledge and ability to successfully pair complex foods with ideal partners. 

Mixologist magicians

To celebrate last year’s 10th anniversary of the festival, Mauritian hotels, Constance Le Prince Maurice and Constance Belle Mare Plage sent their biggest cocktails guns to showcase their mastery of mixology and fight to be crowned Cocktail Champion; Jonathan Nazira won hands down for his creation – available now for guests.



Food for thought?

If food and wine is a key for your holiday then take a look at the Indian Ocean, and a Constance Hotel and Resort property; all the expertise demonstrated at the festival comes home to roost and practice again ready for next year. 


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