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It may fall under ‘spa treatments’ in the brochure, however this 6-hour long magical Mayan experience at Rosewood Mayakoba is much more than a massage or body scrub. A first of its kind in the region, this private practice with a Mayan shaman focuses on the harmonisation of the body and spirit with the environment. Natural restorative benefits of the land and traditional holistic healing fuse to create a session that works specifically to your needs and wishes, resulting in a unique ritual, personal to you.

Sunset Ceremony

Few things are as beautiful as amber glow of the Mexico sunset, and this marks the beginning of your journey with the shaman as they share ancient mantras, chants and music from shells and maracas. In this energy-healing ritual, together you will perform a salutation to the seven cardinal points.


Re-birth at the Cenote

A well of tranquil waters glistening through rugged limestone rock, the cenote is believed to possess a natural blend of restorative and detoxifying properties within the sulphur and quartz of this natural sinkhole. Over 6,000 of these sacred sites are found on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, one of which can be found at Sense, A Rosewood Spa®. The shaman will lead you here, showcasing an altar of traditional offerings to the gods, including fruit and flowers, before you bathe in the pool to symbolise your rebirth.

Temazcal Journey

To unite with Mother Nature, guests are them invited to bathe in the purifying bath, infused with natural aromas which are said to awaken ancestral memory, a memory present from birth which exists before our sensory experience. Herbal water and volcanic rock make up this soothing tub, the steam from which delicately blends with your skin to hydrate and tighten, while muscles relax to provide a respite from stress.


Mayakoba Massage

Completing your 6-hour enchanting experience, guests are indulged with a 90-minute Mayakoba massage using ancient Mayan healing techniques. On a secluded lagoon island, the outdoor treatment evokes a sense of tranquillity, with only the gentle lagoon waters lapping against the shore to disrupt you, as the gentle hands of skilled therapists soothe your mind and refresh your mind.


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