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Oceania pride themselves on serving, ‘The Finest Cuisine at Sea’. Now they’re offering you the chance to move beyond the restaurant and create masterpieces of your own in their Culinary Centre and Discovery Tours.

Imagine sitting in one of the many fine dining restaurants on your Oceania cruise. You might be enjoying...

to name but a few. Anyway, you’re sitting there wondering what goes into the construction of some of these incredible dishes. Well, wonder no longer because you can learn to cook like the pros by, well, cooking with the pros. It all happens when you take part in one of the accolade heavy classes from the Culinary Centre.



The Culinary Centre


Found on-board Oceania Marina or Riviera ships, they offer you the first custom-designed and truly hands-on cooking school at sea. These are run by gifted international chefs (often with Michelin stars to their name). They’ll guide and inspire but you’ll be the one who prepares the dishes – no pressure!

Everything in the teaching kitchen is state of the art and that includes your own fully-equipped workstation. There are almost twenty classes ranging from pasta and paella to Greek, Italian and Spanish and so much more. ‘What Mermaids Know’ is a class that helps you get to grips with the basics of fish cookery while ‘I Primi’ will have you rolling out pizza dough like a pro (among other Italian delights).

Culinary Discovery Tour


To add an extra layer to these classes you can join your chef on a Culinary Discovery Tour. It’s far more than shopping for ingredients (although that’s something you do). It’s about experiencing and absorbing the culture, ambiance and atmosphere of European cities too. There are several to choose from including the Italian areas of Florence, Pisa and Tuscany, Heraklion in Greece and France’s Marseille. The following Barcelona based Culinary Discovery Tour should give you a better idea of what to expect.

Chef’s Gastronomy Tour & Tapas Lunch – Barcelona


Your host and local Catalan culinary expert kicks off this 5.5-hour tour of Barcelona’s cuisine with a short drive through the city to the famous…

Your first stop along this route will be...

Then it’s a few steps further to…

Then you’ll take a short walk through the…

By now it’s time for lunch and what better way to enjoy it than with tapas. This comes courtesy of Tapeo restaurant where Chef Daniel uses the best produce from the markets to create tapas that effortlessly blends tradition and innovation. The taste onslaught doesn’t let up afterwards either with the opportunity to pick up a dessert nearby at the famous Bubo pastry shop.

So, whether you just want to relax with a coffee, cracker or cannellini, jump ship and scour the markets of Europe or create a ‘masterpiece’ to remember (or just boost your confidence in the kitchen) you can do it all with Oceania.


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