Time is the greatest gift you can give. It moves so quickly and irreversibly, often disappearing in the forgettable blur of work and routine. If we could buy more, we would. But we all know time is more precious than that. You can, however, slow it down. All you need is the remote beauty of what we like to call a “pause button paradise”, and nowhere has more of these than the Maldives.

Taj Exotica is one such place where the clocks stand seemingly still.  Perhaps it’s because days are so rigid in length, consistently twelve hours all year round, or maybe it’s the uninterrupted stillness of the surrounding ocean that creates a sense of timelessness and permanence. In truth, it’s a combination of the above and more. As you wake up in your villa, overwater or on the beach, you’re only steps away from beginning your day with barefoot bliss.

From the moment you feel the warm embrace of the island’s soft, sun-kissed sand beneath your feet, you begin to appreciate all of the tiny details that go into creating Mother Nature’s Maldivian masterpieces. The hundreds of trees that provide shade, the millions of grains of sand that welcome your every step, the trillions of gallons of ocean inviting you to peruse and ponder its vastness. It’s here, in the midst of noticing the complexity of your seemingly simple, stripped back, surroundings, that the second hand on the clock begins to slow. Here, there’s no anxiety about the future or dwelling on the past. This pause button paradise allows for the phenomenon that we all hope for in a holiday – to find yourself whole heartedly in the moment – a moment worth remembering.

And that’s just the way the natural surroundings make you feel. Add to this the sumptuous selection of services, activities and experiences at your fingertips, and you have a rewarding array of ways to find fulfilment in every mesmeric moment of your stay. Taj Exotica’s restaurants source ingredients both locally and from around the globe to make mealtimes a palate-pleasing experience, which you’ll need to build up your energy if you’re to take advantage of the extensive range of water sports on offer. Snorkelling, jet skiing, wake boarding, kite surfing, catamaran sailing, wind surfing, paddle boats and kayaking – there’s plenty to do on the water’s surface, but for us, the greatest spectacle requires you to delve a little deeper.

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa offers its own Dive Centre located at the end of the arrival jetty. Managed by Ocean Dive, the centre specialises in excellent diving experiences and the latest equipment and gear for veterans and new divers alike. With access to more than 20 nearby diving sites, underwater explorers are spoiled for choice when it comes to swimming among the diverse flora and fauna of the sea. And at the end of a hard hedonistic day in paradise, the resort’s spa is well placed to rejuvenate you for your next adventure.

If you’ve never been to the Maldives before, this is an ideal place to make your acquaintance. In our fast-paced modern lives, while we’re caught up in the juggling act of work and leisure, it can be difficult to imagine a place as still, serene and secluded as this. But it’s always there.


Next time you feel like life is moving too quickly, remember that life does have a pause button.  If time is the greatest gift, then Taj Exotica is your ticket to giving yourself the ultimate reward. Moments worth remembering. Time well spent.


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