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TV presenter, writer and adventurer, Ben Fogle has used all his knowledge to design some rather adventurous shore excursions especially for Celebrity Cruises. As a Fogle fan, I was intrigued and thought you might be too so here's a little glimpse at what's on offer.

I’m quite a fan of writer, explorer and presenter Ben Fogle. I watch all his TV shows and think he’s an awfully nice chap. So, you can imagine how delighted I was to discover he was a Destination Expert at Celebrity Cruises. I wonder what this entails? Surely he doesn’t commandeer the vessel and order it to take him to visit people who have left everything for new lives in the wild? I think I should probably find out what Ben Fogle – Destination Expert does. However, before we go any further. Does everybody know who Ben Fogle is? Right, well, for those who don’t, here’s a quick bio. 

Benjamin "Ben" Myer Fogle was born in Westminster, London on Saturday 3rd November 1973 to English actress Julia Foster and Canadian expatriate veterinarian Bruce Fogle. He was educated at The Hall School in Hampstead, London and Bryanston School in Blandford Forum, Dorset, followed by the University of Portsmouth and the University of Costa Rica. So, it’s no wonder really that he’s such a bright spark and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He even had a stint as a Midshipman in the Royal Naval Reserve and served as an officer on the patrol boat HMS Blazer – what a guy!

Ben’s recent adventure with Celebrity Cruises has taken him around Northern Europe. Helsinki, Stockholm – he’s conquered them both but don’t think he just does whatever Celebrity Cruises tells him to. Oh no, this is his series of adventures and he’s created them exclusively for you the guests. Launched in 2013, this series of unique and exclusive shore excursions is aptly called, ‘Ben Fogle’s Great Adventures’. I must warn you though that these once in a lifetime experiences will bust you right out of your comfort zone and nothing less should be expected of this well-travelled adventurer. 

You’ll conquer the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi in a 4x4, on a camel and even on a sand board. What’s a sand board you may ask? It’s basically just like a snow board but you use it to glide down dunes. All this gliding will most likely work up an appetite so it’s a good job an Arabian feast awaits you at the close of this 5.5-hour delight. 

Ben’s been busy and has also designed an adrenaline-fuelled 2-hour adventure around the Stockholm archipelago where speedy RIB boat rides and guided kayaking tours are par for the course. For the gentler water-courser, there’s always a nine hour soft rafting urban experience around the heart of Rome via its rather impressive River Tiber. I know what you may be thinking, my arms will be pretty tired after nine hours but don’t despair as you’ll also take a scenic drive through the gorgeous Italian countryside and get a chance to check out St Peter’s Basilica – the largest church building on the planet.

Ever fancied hiking some city walls? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what you can do in Kotor, Montenegro, a wonderful medieval town. As you spend 2.5 hours exploring its UNESCO World Heritage walls you’ll come face to face with the full beauty and rich history of this jewel of the Adriatic coast.

Fauna, flora and Spanish tapas are yours to enjoy on a breath-taking cycle around Montes de Malaga Natural Park. All of this and I haven’t even mentioned the six-hour adventure in Dubrovnik, Croatia and the whizz around the Helsinki archipelago.

Phew! What adventures! All of these excursions are available from sailings that visit the following port cities; Abu Dhabi, Stockholm, Rome, Kotor (Montenegro), Malaga, Helsinki and Dubrovnik (Croatia) so what are you waiting for? Book today and open your eyes to a whole new world of amazing adventures.


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