Contrast is a very fundamental part of what makes our world fascinating, constantly surprising us with something new and unexpected. The differences between home and abroad are what make holidays so interesting and exciting, which is why we love multi-centre breaks like this. Two destinations are better than one.

The laidback Vietnamese beach town of Nha Trang and the Island city-state of Singapore may not be worlds apart geographically, but in terms of their size, the lifestyles of their inhabitants and their overall vibe, they couldn’t be further from one another. This unusual combination highlights two destinations, both rich in historical significance, but while one enjoys a more leisurely pace of life, perfect for a few days of unwinding, the other is a fast paced, innovative and impressive metropolis of business and culture with the third highest population density in the world. Today, we explore Nha Trang and Singapore.

Nha Trang

Around eight hours away from the Vietnamese capital, the city of Nha Trang presides over the South China Sea, enjoying a tropical savannah climate with a lengthy dry season from January to August and a short wet season between September and December. Aside from its popular beach, the city is home to the famous towers of Po Nagar, an ancient Hindu temple that’s over a thousand years old, providing an inspiring insight into the past. If you’re looking for luxury accommodation in this part of the world, take a look at Fusion Resort Nha Trang. Its location makes it a big hit with scuba divers and provides a great base to help you explore the city and nearby islands.


The island city-state of Singapore lies 750 miles south of Nha Trang, and their differences are instantly recognisable. Subjected to European colonial ambition from the early 17th century, the once small trading post became a possession of the British Empire by the mid 1800s before gaining independence in 1965. Western influence is plain to see in the city’s high-rise towers and architecture, but there are still historic and iconic eastern attractions all over, such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple – a temple and museum, open to the public. Another amazing feature of this captivating city has to be the beautiful and otherworldly looking Gardens by the Bay. This reclaimed land in central Singapore features 250 acres of tropical gardens, dominated by its amazing and visually imposing Supertrees.

These two cities offer very different but both incredibly rewarding and engaging experiences of the Far East. Our unusual combination offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy some downtime by the beach with exploration of ancient ruins, then discover one of the world’s busiest and fastest growing cities, with all of its hi-tech innovations and vibrant culture. Or you could combine either city with another destination – the choice is yours.


For more inspiration regarding these two cities, or for suggestions of other unusual combinations, get in touch with one of our luxury travel experts today and enjoy a hassle-free way of broadening your horizons.


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