Each letter in the name Velassaru will unveil a highlight of the resort so sit back, relax and enjoy a creative exploration of this Maldives marvel.

Villas - There are lots of these and they are, of course, stunning. There are bungalows too but these don’t start with V so I can’t talk about their elegantly designed interiors, individual plunge pools, overwater decks and sun loungers. No, I must stick completely to the villas. Let’s start with the Beach Villa. This beautifully crafted stone and teak haven of privacy overlooks the glorious beach from inside and from the veranda outside. It even boasts a private courtyard with a rather handy garden shower and a sheltered bathtub for leisurely soaks serenaded by the gentle ocean breeze.

Then there’s the Water Villa with its private chill-out area over the shimmering lagoon and warm and naturally lit minimalist spaces inside. The overwater terrace can be accessed from a full sea-facing wall and handily comes complete with steps down to the lagoon. Both of these properties can be upgraded to include a plunge pool so why should you opt for the Pool Villa? It’s the largest of all the villas. The plunge pool is oversized. The veranda is sprawling. There’s a thatched poolside gazebo and a pool deck. Oh, and it has butler service.

Experiences - At Velassaru you’re perfectly free to soak up the sun all day on the beach or on the deck/veranda of your accommodation but there are also lots of experiences available to help pepper your stay with excitement. How about relaxing while being moved – literally? Well, a sunset cruise may be just the thing. This authentic Maldivian trip is available four evenings a week and is tailor made to fit your desires. Canapes and Champagne are part and parcel of the cruise as are amazing surroundings.

This next experience may make your Thursday extra special as that’s the day it has to be taken on. If you like rich history and culture as well as lots of exciting activities, then 'Discover Malé' may well be for you. This tour absorbs the best of the Maldives bustling capital city leaving you with wonderful memories to take home with you.

Location - Well, you finally have a private island all to yourself. At least that’s how it feels here, thanks to the perfect seclusion of this place. You’re surrounded by the stunning Indian Ocean and are an exhilarating 25-minute speedboat ride from Malé.

A great place to eat - Okay, I’ve cheated a little bit here but I couldn’t miss out the dining and as the letter ‘a’ appears twice in Velassaru I don’t feel so bad about using one to serve another purpose. There are five dining venues in total, each completely unique. Some face the beach; others touch the lagoon’s edge but all of them offer delicious culinary choices. You’ll find many of your favourite international dishes, Mediterranean delights, innovative teppanyaki, pan-Asian seafood and much more besides.

Suites - We unpacked the villas earlier so now it’s the turn of the suites. These are so special there’s only one, the Water Suite. At 275 square metres, this is the largest accommodation currently available at Velassaru. Described as the ultimate indulgence on their website, this delightful suite offers you unobstructed sun, sea and sky panoramas and a private sundeck with steps to the lagoon. The butler is on hand 24 hours a day to meet your every wish, perhaps while you relax on the lounger of your expansive terrace next to your oversized infinity pool.

Spa - You may have been to several spas in your time but this one’s on stilts in an overwater pavilion boasting uninterrupted views of the sea. The spa menu includes favourites such as Swedish and deep tissue massages, body wraps, pedicures and facials while throwing in some treatments you may not have enjoyed before.

Ambiance - From the spa to the beach, the sunset cruise to dining under the stars you will always enjoy Velassaru’s relaxing ambiance that is only enhanced by its quiet and attentive service.

Romance - It goes without saying that a resort this private and beautiful is a perfect place for romance but did you know that you can also get married here or renew your vows? Everything you would expect is provided but everything else about a ceremony here aims to well exceed your expectations.

Underwater activities - I think I may have saved one of my favourite features of the resort ‘til last. The Maldives is popular with diving enthusiasts and there is plenty to get enthusiastic about at Velassaru. There’s an in-house marine biologist and dive master in its dedicated Marine Centre and several exciting water activities to enjoy. PADI courses are offered for every experience level as well as diving for kids and private bespoke dives. If you’ve never posed for a pic underwater, then it may be worth practising your pose as you can even have your dives photographed or filmed. Snorkelling is also available in the shallow lagoon and whether you’re navigating vibrantly colourful reefs or playing games with the local dolphins you can be assured of underwater activities you’ll never forget.

So, there you have it, V-E-L-A-S-S-A-R-U or Velassaru as it’s better known – a place that offers a wonderful balance of exploration and never misses the chance to surprise and delight.


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