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"Dancing was always part of my culture growing up in Barbados"-Rhianna

1. The Food

One of the most popular events on the island is fish-fry Fridays, where fresh local fish is fried and often served on sandwiches, the most popular frying event being Oistins Fish Fry. Their version of a chippy dinner if you will. We love their flying fish cutter sandwich, but this can also be made using marlin, Mahi Mahi or swordfish, although the original and arguably the best is made with flying fish. The bread element is a freshly baked salt roll although it doesn't taste salty, but is crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Along with the fish, the sandwich contains salad and a sauce such as the spicy Bajan pepper. Other popular Bajan dishes to accompany the fish-fry Friday's includes macaroni pie, plantain and rice n’ peas.

2. The Beaches

As a tropical island, Barbados is home to many diverse beaches and there is one to suit all tastes and all activities. The west coast beaches are calm and peaceful where the turquoise waters gently lap the shoreline....sigh. Perfect for snorkelling, jet skiing, swimming and catamaran cruises.


The south coast beaches are lively and more tourist heavy with many flawless beaches protected by coral reef and there are many water sports to enjoy such as wind and kite surfing. The east coast beaches are rugged and unspoilt with rough waters which are popular for surfing. In the north, there are sandstone cliffs rising straight out of the sea and reach up to 100 feet in height. We love the Barbados beaches for their beauty and diversity.

3. The Culture

Barbados has a mix of African and British influences, which is reflected in their colonial architecture in Victorian, Georgian and Jacobean styles. A range of sports are popular with islanders including cricket, brought over my British soldiers and dominoes.


A popular yearly celebration is the 'Crop Over Summer Festival' and its origins trace back to the 1700s when the island was the world's largest sugar producer. The festival runs from May to August and you may even get to share the streets with Bajan pop star Rhianna and shine like a diamond in front of her, hopefully, you won't need your umbrella ella ella. Dancing is the activity of choice here, so get your party shoes on and enjoy the fun atmosphere. 

4. The Rum

Barbados has a strong claim to be the birthplace of rum and has over 200 bars selling the spirit dotted all over the island. When the island was colonised by England in 1627 it became the sugar cane cultivators of the Caribbean. Rum was first made in 1642 and British sailors soon became fond of it and would bring it back as gifts to prove they had been across the Atlantic. To this day, the island continues to produce excellent rum using local traditional methods and fermentation techniques. It is weaved into the culture of the island and is celebrated by everyone on the island from farm workers and business men alike.

5. The Luxury Hotels

Barbados is home to a wide variety of opulent and luxurious hotels, making the most of the stunning beaches and climate. Colony Club is one of the islands most popular hotels as it is located on the west coast and features seven acres of tropical gardens, a lagoon style pool and top-class accommodation. There is a wide choice of activities to take part in such as water sports including water skiing, sailing and snorkelling and there is an on-site spa, fitness centre and tennis courts.



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