By definition, exclusivity and luxury are reserved for a fortunate minority, which is precisely why only a lucky few are familiar with north Oman’s beauty.

The Musandam Peninsula is an exceptional Omani exclave, where the Arabian Desert makes way for rugged mountains that fall into the sea. Via a scenic winding road, weaving through the peninsula’s rocky heights, you’ll reach the secluded picture perfect town of Zaghi, home to Six Senses Zighy Bay. Just two hours from Dubai, this idyllic oasis cove possesses an air of magic that captivates the hearts and imaginations of children and adults alike, making it a firm favourite with families who visit. The fine balance of subtlety and luxury in its villas not only compliments the landscape but also provides a refreshing contrast from the grandeur of its neighbouring emirates, in keeping with the Six Senses ethos of creating resorts that harmonise with their environment.

In our opinion, although its location and serene views are reason enough for a visit, its extensive list of exhilarating experiences are another draw for wily travellers with a knack for finding the world’s hidden holiday gems. Waking up to the Arabian sun in your Zighy Bay villa, not only are you greeted by the rustic charm of your surroundings and the invigorating fresh scent of the ocean breeze; what stands out most is much more ethereal and less tangible. It’s a feeling. You wake with an almost dizzying sense of appreciation; a buzz of excitement and a rush of anticipation for what the seemingly endless list of opportunities on your doorstep might bring. That may sound overly sentimental, but that’s because it has to be felt to be believed.

From soaring through the sky on a paraglider, to diving below the sea’s surface and swimming with turtles and placid whale sharks, Zighy Bay’s range of experiences reward your adventurous side. Once there, although the concept of leaving your private paradise to venture elsewhere might at first seem strange, Six Senses invite you to expand your horizons and explore further afield, with 4x4 discovery tours of the mountainous Musandam Peninsula or dhow cruises around the Gulf of Oman. There’s also an appreciation for the fact that you don’t want to spend every moment of your holiday with your heart racing. We not only want but we also need time to relax, and there’s just as much variety available to help you do so.

What better way to unwind than by watching a film on an outdoor cinema screen under the stars? How about a specially prepared picnic in the mountains? Or you could take advantage of free kids clubs for children aged four and up, as well as an evening babysitting service, while you and your partner enjoy exceptional culinary delights in a romantic meal with a view. Another popular method of finding holiday bliss is by seeking sanctuary in the world class Six Senses spa, where you can rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with a range of holistic treatments. And that’s just a small sample of the relaxing experiences on offer.

Guests who’ve stayed here struggle to pinpoint their favourite feature of Six Senses Zighy Bay. Individually, its secluded location, its elegant and sophisticated villas, its long list of activities, its facilities for children, its exceptional spa and its scenic restaurants are all attractions worthy and capable of drawing visitors all on their own. But Zighy Bay has it all in one place, making it an irresistible destination for anybody with a desire to experience the best that the Middle East or, indeed, the world has to offer. Discover the secret of Six Senses Zighy Bay before word undoubtedly spreads. Be one of the lucky few to become familiar with northern Oman’s beauty.


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