Churchill, the remote frontier community on the banks of Hudson Bay is an explorers dream. The town, small but lively, is world renowned for its special, seasonal visitors. The summer brings thousands of beluga whales to the warmer waters of Churchill River, while the winter tundra provides the perfect cover for the hungry polar bears.

The only way to get to Churchill is via a flight or rail journey from Winnipeg. Paved roads end at Thompson, some 250 miles away from Churchill and we don’t recommend the walk! The flight into the town is particularly enchanting, with far-casting views across the land from every angle. The journey is also as much a poignant reminder of how peacefully sequestered Churchill is from main civilisation as much as it is a method to get from A to B.

The Lazy Bear Lodge is your base of operations from which to explore Churchill. Everything at the lodge feels authentic and unique and that’s because it is. Furnishings are hand built and sturdy, the massive stone fireplace was created from a 20,000 pound block of stone, while the lodge’s timber is dented with the kind of seasoned knots, burls and furrows that bring a sense of warmth on sight. Despite the rustic charm of the lodge, there is a sense of modernity with its Wi-Fi, espresso machines and ultra-comfort beds.

The season you decide to travel will dictate what you see when you’re in Churchill. Sparse fits of grass and rocky outcrops replace the blanket of snow and ice between June and September, when 60,000 beluga whales, the largest concentration of the species in the world, seek the warmer waters of Churchill River. Lazy Bear Lodge operate a three hour whale boat tour following the ivory coated ‘sea canaries’ on their voyage through Hudson Bay. You may even encounter other wildlife on your expedition, such as the arctic hare and fox, or the pacific loon. 

In the throes of autumn, when the temperatures drop and ice forms along the shores of Hudson Bay, there are more polar bears in Churchill than there are humans! The bears spend their winter on ice, hunting and eating seal and Lazy Bear Lodge offer a three hour tundra tour in a huge all-terrain vehicle. The excursion is designed to bring you closer to the bear’s natural habitat in a safe manner, it’s one of the only places in the world you can come face to face with a polar bear and not need to rush to the toilet when you find out just why these huge, beautiful creatures are nicknamed the lords of the arctic.


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