Keemala resort is huddled away from the crowds and overlooks Kamala Village and the beautiful Andaman Sea. As it’s located within the hills and is surrounded by lush woodlands, this resort offers an escape from everyday life and welcomes you to an enchanting tropical wonderland.

This all-villa wonderland set within the Kamala rainforest is a magical and unique resort that encompasses a fairy tale-like ambience.  Imagine enchanting waterfalls, flowing streams and special touches such as bathtubs carved out of rock and sinks mounted upon wooden tree stumps, sounds amazing doesn’t it! 

Each distinctive villa at Keemala is inspired by four ancient lifestyles, and offers ultimate comfort, pure luxury and a rarity of experience. The fictitious story of these settlers is seamlessly woven into the design of the villas producing an authentic and tribal style. The villas are complete with a private pool and you can choose from a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, single-storey or duplex style – all maintain the traditional characteristics.


Guests of Keemala are invited to relax and rejuvenate in their new calm setting and experience living in the peacefulness of the rainforest. Unwind with a relaxing massage at Mala Spa beneath the trees with nothing but the sounds of the rainforest to focus on, dine on your private balcony with a selection of exotic dishes, enjoy water sports at the nearby beach or try your hand at some Thai cooking.

Home to four dining venues, you’ll be able to enjoy a range of wholesome dishes outside of your private villa. The restaurant, lounge area and poolside are perfect settings for afternoon tea, while the wine cellar is ideal for romantic dinners. At any of these outlets, guests can choose the Healthy Living Cuisine version where dishes are prepared with living – raw macrobiotic and slow cooked foods. Keemala Phuket are fantastic at arranging dishes with special dietary requirements such as gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free or sugar-free.

Keemala’s Holistic Living Retreats are designed for guests who wish to purify, energise, unwind or rejuvenate. These packages are available as either a three day or six day retreat and are tailored to your individual needs and desires.


Keemala allows you to experience a tropical wonderland and create a memorable stay in Phuket.


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