Q. How can you visit multiple destinations in various countries, but avoid the rigmarole of numerous flights and unpacking your suitcase every few days?

A. By setting sail on a Regent Seven Seas Cruise.

The true definition of ‘Seven Seas’ has been widely debated over the years, mostly because understandings of the term have differed wildly, both geographically and historically. In medieval Arabia, the seven seas were regarded as the seven bodies of water passed through on trading voyages to the east. Unsurprisingly, Greeks and Romans took a much more euro-centric view of the seven seas. In Latin, Mediterranean means ‘the middle of the Earth’, which highlights how limited by our frame of reference we really are. Travelling to faraway places, both literally and metaphorically, expands our horizons. Doing so by sea not only gives us a greater sense of how vast the world really is, but also takes the often mundane and sometimes nightmarish experience of getting from A to B, into a luxurious dream.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises have 25 years of experience in delivering prestigious seafaring adventures. Recognising the profound difference that superior accommodation can make to your journey, Regent are the first cruise line to provide all-suite, all-balcony living quarters on its vessels, setting an unprecedented ultra-luxurious standard in the cruising world. Along with boasting a casino, spa, swimming pool and carefully selected menus showcasing regional cuisine, Seven Seas liners also boast an impressive staff to guest ratio, ensuring that your wishes, wants and whims are met with efficiency and a personalised attention to detail. Indulge in one of the finest experiences that life has to offer, taking in mesmeric ocean views and the invigorating scent of fresh sea air, while your experienced captain and crew deliver the world to your door.

Africa to the Americas, Europe to Australasia, the Middle East to the Far East, Regent Seven Seas cruises visit more than 350 ports across six continents. Undeniably, the most magnificent of all the cruises they offer, is aboard the Seven Seas Navigator. The 2017 World Cruise is scheduled to embark on a 128 day adventure, setting sail from Miami on the 5th January. Circumnavigating the globe, visiting 62 ports in 31 different countries along the way, guests on this voyage of a lifetime will visit the Caribbean, Colombia, pass through the Panama Canal, and travel up the west coast of Mexico, visiting San Diego and Los Angeles before cruising out into the Pacific Ocean with your course set for Hawaii. From there, you’ll visit a succession of Pacific islands, including Bora Bora on your way to touring the east coasts of New Zealand and Australia.

By the time the Seven Seas Navigator reaches Indonesia en route to the Far East, you’ll be roughly half way into your epic adventure – nine weeks down with another nine to go. Komodo, Bali, Singapore, Phuket, Rangoon and Burma all await your arrival before you tour the west coast of India as you set your sights on the Persian Gulf, where Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer a taste of UAE thrills and hospitality. After a visit to Oman, it’s onwards through Egypt and the Suez Canal, where you’ll pass the Sinai Peninsula, heading for the historic city of Jerusalem, marking the Mediterranean chapter of this spectacular world cruise. Istanbul, Rhodes, Rome, Monte Carlo, Provence, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Seville and Lisbon provide an idyllic European experience and the perfect send off as you embark on the final, Atlantic leg of the voyage, visiting Madeira and Bermuda before finally arriving back in Miami. What an adventure!

For us travel experts, it feels wrong to list off so many amazing cities and countries without giving an honourable mention to their many sights and attractions, but so vast is the wealth of experiences on this journey that we’d need to fill an entire book to give this phenomenal cruise a fraction of the justice it deserves. Obviously, this is the grandest of grand journeys, so for those of us who don’t have four months to spare, there are dozens of shorter cruises available on offer. You could spend 10 nights exploring Alaska and Canada or take a two week tour of the Far East – if there’s a corner of the Earth you’ve always wanted to explore, Regent Seven Seas Cruises grace its ports and waters.

What really sets Regent apart from other cruise operators is the level of luxury, service and sophistication. Where many cruises offer clichéd entertainment that feels more like a formality than a carefully considered attraction, Regent Seven Seas keeps it classy at all times, ensuring that your experience is personal, memorable and ultimately fulfilling. With fare that includes return flights and transfers, all on-board dining and beverages, including premium spirits and fine wine, free and unlimited shore excursions in every port as well as a night’s pre-cruise hotel stay, this offering is simply irresistible. To anybody considering it, we absolutely recommend that you see the world by sea and discover the feeling of being aboard an ultra-luxury liner that literally delivers the world to your door.


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