Unpacking the culinary delights of Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa Maldives and exploring the restaurants and bars offering far more than just a full stomach.

Do you like food? Let me rephrase that, do you like good food? In fact, if you don’t like amazing food then stop reading now because this article is most definitely not for you. So let’s unpack the culinary delights of this wonderful place and explore the restaurants and bars offering you far more than just a full stomach.


Above your head is a beautifully thatched roof while between your toes is fine sand. Surrounding you are the curves and creativity of traditional Maldivian design. There may be seating here for 130 but you’ll never feel crowded and the choice is truly impressive, with daily rotating themed buffets taking in the very best Asian, European, Middle Eastern and South American cuisine. One of the highlights here is the churrasco grill where succulent prime meats are cooked to perfection.

Al Khaimah

How about this for creativity? An authentic Bedouin tent set in the centre of a tropical garden. This is a beautiful piece of art adorned with rich fabrics and tapestry carpets and there’s only space for 26 guests so intimacy is par for the course. As soon as you walk in you’re greeted by the aroma of a plethora of fine fragrances from hand crushed spices sizzling in the background to char-grilled meat and market fresh ingredients.

La Brezza

So far you’ve basked in Maldivian delights and enjoyed cuisine fit for an Arabian prince so what could you possibly enjoy after that? I know if I say Italian it may sound like a come down from what you’ve already experienced but as soon as you enter La Brezza you’ll realise that this is not some posh pizzeria. Perfectly lit for evening poolside dining and well positioned for daytime views over the ocean with room for just 36 diners, this place is ideal for a romantic lunch or dinner, especially as the resort is strictly an adult only affair. Specialising in fresh seafood with a menu ranging from delightfully simple salads to intricate and indulgent desserts with the option of vegetarian and gluten free dishes, choice is not an issue here. Speaking of which, there’s an entire cave full of the very best wines to pair with the fine Italian offerings.

Suan Bua

Can you have too much sand between your toes? Apparently not. I jest of course but this really is one of the delights of dining here. We love the, ‘kick off your shoes you’re on holiday’ atmosphere of the place. There’s also the option to dine beside the resort pool overlooking the Indian Ocean, but onto the cuisine. What can you expect at Suan Bua? Impressively, you can expect chefs to recreate recipes from no less than all four regions of Thailand and they’ll do so from a nearby cooking station so you can take in their artistry. Oh, and you may have guessed by now that vegetarians and gluten free folk are by no means an afterthought here. Also, as with most of the restaurants here, intimacy and atmosphere are of prime importance with only 36 guests in this restaurant at any one time.

Viu Bar

Having just boasted of the emphasis on intimacy and small number of diners, suddenly you’re presented with a bar with space for 138. Don’t worry, the way it’s designed and laid out is so spacious that you’ll enjoy the delightful balance of a social space without the annoyance of feeling hemmed in and unable to move. After all, this highlight of the resort prides itself on its laid back atmosphere where you can watch the day drift by as you sip an ice cold cocktail. There’s lounge seating and overwater catamaran nets and this place excels as a place for watching sunsets. Two other bars to consider, just to change things up a bit, are Waves Pool bar, a swim-up bar perfect for those who want to stay in the pool until wrinkly and Giraavaru Lobby Bar, a lovely casual setting from which to watch the world drift by.

Dining experiences and in-villa dining

Maybe you’re after something even more intimate. Well, how about a candlelit dinner on a remote part of the island or international, Thai or Chinese delights at any time of the day or night in the comfort and serenity of your private villa. It’s all available here.

A visit to the Maldives should find itself easily scaling the majority of bucket lists and holiday planners but what isn’t always such a given is where to stay and why, particularly in regard to dining. This can often be an overlooked element of a resort booking mainly because we just don’t know in advance what eating there is going to be like. Holiday dining is so much more than filling your belly, it pulls in atmosphere, service and quality of food and drink and only a successful culmination of these can produce an excellent dining experience and lots of great memories. It is hoped that this article has gone some way in helping you make an informed decision about Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa Maldives leaving you feeling more confident that they’ll exceed your expectations to deliver the best of holiday experiences, even if that means not having to worry about your food intolerance and trust me, as someone who’s got one, that’s actually a big deal.


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