Mauritian food is as colourful as the island itself. Undoubtedly one of the great Creole cuisines shaped by its mix of cultures - African, French, Chinese and Indian – all of which can be individually recognised as well as collectively combined.

The availability of indigenous ingredients has enabled a unique identity to evolve here with the basics of tomatoes, onions, garlic and chillies playing a key role, along with spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, cloves and cinnamon. 

The same but different

So all these wonderful influences have taken on a reflection but more from a pond than a mirror! Mauritian curries, for example, tend not to use so much coconut milk, but utilise unusual meats such as duck, and include European herbs such as thyme. Desserts can follow a French influence with exquisite tarts, however tropical fruits, especially bananas along with almonds, are common. 

Out and about

It is always fun to get out and explore the local eateries, and no trip to Mauritius would be complete without sampling the excellent street food – Dholl Pori is the most iconic and comprises a base of fried flatbread filled with ground yellow split peas, served with bean curry, atchar and chutney. If you spot a pineapple on your travels, prepare for the sugar-kick, these native varieties are small and super-sweet.

Ravenala character

The Ravenala Attitude situated on the northwest coast delights in reflecting all the wonderful flavours of Mauritius in its 10 restaurants. Each of these individually-styled restaurants convey their identity initially in the decor and mood, and then on the plate. You will experience mood differences such as the seaside atmosphere of the lounge-bar and beach restaurant, romance in Rendezvous and energy at A Tavola.

Ravenala flavour

The charm of Riviera, a floating restaurant, serves fresh seafood from local waters, whilst Kot Nou celebrates the home-grown Mauritian spices with ‘granmamas’ typical cuisine.

International cuisine, seen throughout Mauritius, may be enjoyed at Ravenala Attitude’s Bistrot with tapas, and in its relaxed pool and lounges, whilst more focussed Italian meals are prepared using home-grown tomatoes that just burst with flavour! Madame Ming presents the taste of Asia, Lime introduces a delicious Japanese/Mauritian-beach mix, whilst Taba-J brings the street to the beach with a lively take-away. 

A promise of discovery - Otentik

Ravenala Attitude invites you to enjoy another taste of Mauritius as a guest of local people; cooking classes around a local specialty, flavours of the “Otentik” cart, or a visit to a local home for some authentic Mauritian family cooking.

The whole of the island comes together at Ravenala Attitude, in praise of Mauritian culinary magic. Delve in and enjoy the wicked variety and fiendish freshness!


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