A small paradise island surrounded by ocean, no taxis, no buses, no town. How would you spend your time? We’ve taken a cheeky peek at the diary of a typical couple, who stayed and played at The Residence, situated in the Maldives’ pristine Gaafu Alifu Atoll. Let’s see how they relaxed during their first five days……

Day one – the essential recovery

‘After a long flight, we are in need of just a little help. Our first port of call has to be the spa – on the menu today, it’s an energy-boosting ‘Anti-jet-lag Stopover’ massage for an hour which totally alleviated any recollection of travel tedium. This was swiftly followed by an ‘Ultra-Hydrating Facial Treatment with Katafray’. The desert-based Katafray tree has water storing capacities and its extracts help to stimulate our skin’s natural hydration process. The result? Soft, supple and sun-ready skin. We are now on holiday!’

Day two – it’s all about preparation

‘Time to explore! Matching bikes, how cute are we? And we’re feeling like locals already. The sun is hot, however, and we want to make sure we maximise our tanning potential! Heading over to our buddies at the spa again, we booked in for an ‘Exfoliating Body Treatment with Bamboo Powder’. We were advised that this exfoliation is a must before any other body care (or sun exposure), as it helps our skin to absorb all the good product that is to follow. Now that’s the greatest remedy we’ve ever been prescribed.’


Day three – a little help along the tan-way

‘After an energetic morning of swimming, snorkelling and reading, we were naturally relieved to receive some more great advice from our favourite spa therapist. Getting a head start on our all-important healthy glow, we opted for a nourishing ‘Bronzing Body Treatment with Cocoa Bean Extracts’. This self-tanning treatment for the face and body delivers a drop-dead-gorgeous, youthful glow onto our now uber-soft, well-hydrated skin. A good choice we think for what could have been a tricky day three.’

Day four – it’s all in the detail

‘Dipping in and out of the ocean from our over-water villa gave us a great idea over lunch. We found an absolutely fabulous pick’n’mix on the spa menu, so we filled our baskets with one ‘Neck & Shoulder Relief’, one ‘Beautiful Hands’ and one ‘Luminous Eyes’. We left the spa with fairy-soft hands and conditioned nails, a tense-free neck and eyes as bright as Bambi! All the better to see our gourmet dinner selection tonight!’

Day five – work that tan

‘Feeling in full tropical glow, we headed over to our own castaway island today, Koduhutta it was called, and a delightful Residence chef had even prepared a picnic for us! With the wind blowing through our hair as we returned to our villa, we of course turned our minds to how best to replenish and revive. Thank goodness for the unflappable Spa by Clarins; without a moment’s hesitation, we were fully optimising the days’ Indian Ocean rays, with an ‘After Sun Stopover’- 60 minutes of glorious, deep-down, all-over skin replenishment. Combating the dryness that the sun can cause is essential to promoting a long-lasting, enviable tan; another blissful hour well spent.’

It seems our island-loving couple found their niche, although it appears they also found time for picnics on the white sand beach, snorkelling on the marine-rich house reef, cycling on shady paths, sailing in the lagoon, and occasionally a little relaxation!


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