We need holidays. We need them to break up the monotony of our working life; we need them for mind, body and soul, recharging our spirits in a way nothing else can. 

Escaping from the predictability of routine is an essential component of a happy and healthy lifestyle, but we can all be creatures of habit; it's too easy to book a holiday without this at the forefront of our mind, and after four or five days of frequenting the same beaches, bars and boutiques, their shining novelty is soon dimmed by the shadow of normality.


So choose to opt for some marvellous variety with one of our fantastic tailor-made tours or multi-centre breaks. Selecting one of these types of holiday is the most effective way to see the world; with almost two hundred countries, collectively containing an estimated fifty thousand cities, an array of choice is never a problem for us. The hardest part is choosing where to start!

Indochina Discovered

The ever increasing popularity of Southeast Asia with inquisitive travellers is no coincidence. It’s only in this beautiful and unique part of the world where you can wander the sleepy banyan tree lined streets of Luang Prabang in Laos, or enjoy the bustle of vibrant Ho Chi Minh City, where the old Vietnam meets the future in an exciting and heady mix. We’re very proud to present our enlightening 17 day, 16 night itinerary, “Indochina Discovered”, which will guide you through the fascinating former French colonies of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. From ancient temple ruins, deep in the heart of the jungle, to fragrant cities offering mouth-watering cuisines, if it’s worth seeing, then our impeccably knowledgeable guides will take you there. 

From the emerald green waters of Ha Long Bay in Hanoi to the peaceful rhythms of ancient Perfume River in Hue, your days spent exploring the time honoured traditions and sights of Vietnam will provide a lifetime of memories. Voyage to Cambodia and witness a magical sunrise in the jungle surrounding Ta Prohm temple, before arriving at other-worldly Angkor Wat. This tour represents an intensely enriching journey through Asia, and the warmth, hospitality and smiles that you’ll receive from the gorgeous and welcoming people of this part of the world really will amaze. 


Los Angeles, Las Vegas & San Francisco

If there’s one country on Earth which champions choice and values variety, it’s the USA. Starting on the star-struck streets of LA, this multi-centre itinerary promises a real treat for fans of the silver screen. From the comfort of the Andaz West Hollywood hotel on Sunset Boulevard, you’ll be well placed to walk the walk of fame, shop in the iconic boutiques along the Sunset Strip and rub shoulders with Tinsel Town’s brightest stars.

After three nights in the City of Angels, you’ll be whisked off to Nevada to try your luck in the in exciting city of Las Vegas. The bright lights of this incredible destination, with its world famous casinos and thrilling atmosphere, will be sure to wow. Your accommodation here, the gorgeous Delano Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay, offers opulence and the ultimate party atmosphere for guests, with a private beach and facilities that attract international music acts like Rihanna and Maroon 5. 

After three days, hopefully with a little more weight to your wallet than when you arrived, you’ll leave Las Vegas behind for the more temperate climate of San Francisco. It has a reputation for being the trendiest town in California, owing to a large number of hi-tech companies operating in the area, drawing some of the world’s brightest and most innovative minds to live and work around the bay. Whether you’re marvelling at the impressive Golden Gate Bridge or ascending the famously steep streets in one of its iconic cable cars, San Francisco never fails to impress – just make sure you’re versatile in your packing, as San Francisco has a notably cooler climate than its Californian cousins.


Dubai & Mauritius

When planning a multi-centre trip, you needn’t limit yourself to visiting destinations in relative close proximity to one another. One of our most popular itineraries here starts with three nights in the Middle Eastern metropolis of Dubai, staying in its impeccably stylish One&Only resort on The Palm. This city-sized playground of the rich and famous, no matter how many days you stay, will always leave you wanting more and, with the emirate’s record of rapid change, the chances are, when you inevitably return for a second visit, there’ll be more Dubai for you to see. 

Across the equator, six and a half hours south of Dubai, lies the jaw-droppingly beautiful island of Mauritius, where your suite at One&Only St. Géran awaits. Seven nights in this indulgent and intimate resort provides a perfect contrast to the busy sprawl of Dubai. Serenaded each night by the Indian Ocean, charmed by stylish colonial décor, you’ll find refreshing respite from the world here. Both Dubai and Mauritius have first class golf courses and vibrant nightlife if you know where to look. Ask and you will find.

The above are just a small sample of the endless multi-centre possibilities within your reach. Pairing our expertise with your desire, the only thing limiting where you can visit is your own imagination. So take your map of the world and let your ambition loose. You give us the list of destinations and we’ll take you to their best kept secrets. Why limit yourself to only seeing the world one country at a time? Discover everything that this world has on offer with one of our amazing tours or multi-centre escapes. 

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