You don’t need to break your running routine while holidaying in Dubai. The city offers plenty of opportunity and diversity for runners - from gentle joggers to marathon pros - even Mo Farrah has taken his trainers to Dubai!

The Beach

Distance: 14km

Surface: Purpose built paved or sand

Starting at Dubai Marine Resort, passing through Kite Beach and ending near the Burj Al Arab hotel and has a designated jogging path.  The purpose-built path’s surface is sure to give you added bounce.  Along the path you will find resting places ideal for a little cool down and perhaps some yoga.  The neighbouring Ocean provides a ‘splashing’ cool down and a breeze to be appreciated. 


For a challenging work out run along the sand beside the ocean at Jumeirah Beach - the neighbouring Ocean provides a ‘splashing’ cool down and a breeze to be appreciated.  

The Parks

Al Barsha

Distance: 1.4km.

Surface: Soft and Spongy

A circular running track that makes its way through 50 acres of green parkland – an oasis in the desert.  Flood lit in the evening the track can be used daily from 8am to 10pm but we recommend you avoid the mid-day sun.  The track is soft and spongy to give you a boost and every 100 metres is marked to keep you motivated and encourage those short speed workouts.  Not the longest of our recommended tracks but still burns the calories.


Al Safa

Distance:  2.5km

Surface: Spongy earth-red track

Combine running with a workout.  This track is interspersed with numerous work stations – no excuse for not cross training here!  Running alongside the newly-opened Dubai Water Canal you can access parts of the track 24 hours a day in a city that never sleeps.  Whew!  Run on Friday and you can visit the Organic Friday Food Market to purchase some superfoods for a super boost.


Also take a run out at Mushrif Park for a few hill climbs and Zabeel Park for a perimeter run.

The Palm

Distance:  4km or 11km

Surface: Road


Choose between the Shoreline route - 4km, or push your fitness further around the Jumeirah Boardwalk – 11km at Jumeirah Beach, The Palm.  Get your timings right for and, you could enjoy the glorious sunset over the spectacular Dubai Coastline.


The Boardwalk has the added incentive of local cafes, kiosks or food trucks, so after your chosen distance and workout give yourself a well-deserved reward.


The Marina

Distance: 4.5km or 8km

Surface: Paved


Run along the Dubai waterfront (4.5km)t – another great view!  Or you can run an 8km loop on the south side of the marina (going over a bridge here and there).  This area is bustling with activity and gets especially busy in the evenings.  Choose this one for a morning run, or sunrise if you are an early bird.

Dubai Creek

Distance: 4km

Surface: Road


Dubai Creek connects the sea port to the desert passing through the heart of Dubai.


Inside Dubai Creek Park lies a circuit that loops around landscaped parkland and botanical gardens.  From here you can enjoy views of the creek and the city skyline.  Scenic and calm – this is a great atmosphere to inspire runners for a PB and provides a tour of Dubai gone by.

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