Historically, the Old World of Europe is best known for its kings, queens and their conquering ways. Although driven by a desire for wealth and power, its empirical success lay with its shipbuilding prowess and thirst for adventure.

The Mediterranean and Baltic Seas have been hubs of nautical activity for thousands of years, both as trading routes and battlegrounds, resulting in an impressive number of affluent and diverse coastal cities. The mystery of what lies over the horizon may have been answered long ago, but our curiosity and appetite for discovery and new experiences remains. Voyaging across the Earth’s waters not only provides a humbling and awe-inspiring sense of how large our planet really is, but it also replaces the often limbo-like experience of air travel with pure luxury and relaxation, along with the freedom to stretch your legs any time you choose.

To reflect our appreciation of sensational seafaring and our commitment to delivering the highest standards of luxury to avid travellers, we’ve teamed up with the most reputable and celebrated cruise operators around the globe to bring you the best vessels and itineraries on the seven seas. There are dozens of European routes on offer, combining hundreds of destination ports and cities. From quintessentially Latin adventures in the Mediterranean sun to Nordic expeditions in the crisp air of the North and Baltic Seas, with a cruise, you can explore Europe’s numerous and varied attractions with the added benefit of only unpacking your suitcase once. Below we’ve outlined a small selection of the European cruises available, but if you’d like to know more about alternative journeys, our cruise specialists here at Destinology are well equipped to find the perfect voyage for you.

Western Mediterranean – Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises have made it their mission to ensure that your holiday isn’t just a series of enjoyable isolated moments, but rather an experience worth remembering throughout your entire stay. Departing on the 29th April 2016, their luxury liner, Celebrity Equinox, will embark on a ten-day journey around the Western Mediterranean. Starting and finishing in Barcelona, you’ll make a round trip, visiting Palma de Mallorca, Valletta and Messina in Sicily, before exploring the west coast of mainland Italy via Naples, Rome and Florence along with the island birthplace of Napoleon – Corsica. You’ll have between eight and twelve hours each day to acquaint yourself with each city, while back on the boat each night you have live music, a cinema, comedy shows, all meals included, wine workshops and a nightclub amongst a whole range of other facilities, ensuring that the fun and excitement isn’t restricted to dry land.

The Baltic Sea – Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Starting in Copenhagen on the 23rd of July 2016, the Seven Seas Voyager is set for a Baltic adventure with Peter the Great’s Russia in its sights. Calling at Berlin, Klaipeda, Riga and Helsinki on the way, after six days of exploration, you’ll reach St. Petersburg, where you have three days and two nights to acquaint yourself with Russia’s former capital, before visiting Tallinn in Estonia and ending your voyage in Stockholm. This Regent Seven Seas vessel boasts all-suite, all-balcony accommodation and the deal includes free return flights and transfers as well as free unlimited shore excursions. With over 25 years’ experience in providing ultra-luxurious cruises, Regent are well known for serving delectable cuisines, inspired by the local port of the day. Their other cruises in the Baltic region also include stops in Amsterdam, Bruges, Oslo and even the west coast of Greenland.

Lisbon to Rome – Crystal Cruises

Setting sail from Europe’s latest creative hub, Lisbon, this 14-day route follows the Costa del Sol en route to the French Riviera and Northern Italy, with Rome as your final port of call. When you’re not getting lost in the history and ambience of some of Europe’s most romantic regions, aboard the Crystal Symphony you can enjoy a delightful combination of entertainers and guest speakers that include renowned writers, world affairs experts and fascinating celebrities talking about their professional experiences and insights. With overnight stays in Barcelona and Monte Carlo, you’ll find plenty time to explore two of the Mediterranean’s most iconic cities. If you find this route appealing and would like further inspiration regarding what to do during your excursions to the shore, give us a call today and our travel experts will be more than happy to share their collective expertise with you.

Of course, all of our operators provide cruises in every remote corner of the Earth – wherever you want to go, we’re likely to have a cruise ship to take you there. But in Europe, right on your doorstep, you have the highest concentration of history-steeped, lively and distinctive destinations of any continent on Earth. Forgive us for sounding preachy, but before you go searching far and wide for the experiential fulfilment you crave, look closer to home and we’re confident that with the help of a luxury liner you’ll absolutely ‘love thy neighbour.’ 


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